Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Shamballa 1024, 2002, 12D, 3110

And beyond..


Shamballa 1024

In this basic Shambala, higher beings - not only through their energy - but also their personal help - transition our energy paths in the body. Each body cell begins to "coexist" with the multidimensionality of 5th level of consciousness. The shackles of the past karmic bonds are released. All bonds with people form past lives that you have unfinished business with are dissolved. The first degree of initiation starts a process of forgiveness of all sins and the cleansing of the rough subconscious blocks, from both past lives and current life. The person is liberated from the negative past and has to "program" positivity into their sub consciousness - positive future views so that even the life of the person will change for the better. Therefore - watch your thoughts at every step. Your dreams will be fulfilled faster and faster. Take advantage of the time you have before you get to the high energy vibrations of the body where the idea changes into reality at the faster pace, and consciously learn to want/ wish with the power of repetitive thoughts". In the future you will be glad to have a well trained mind that can control this "art of wishing". Everything you put in your mind and pay attention to in your mind has a tendency to change into reality. Now you will be on the path of learning, and the more step forward you take, and the more you let go of the past - the sooner and faster your mind will be the creative driving force that changes ideas into reality, with the help of cosmic laws and in accordance with cosmic laws. Thus, without any external effort, by the power of your thought only, you will get what you desire.

By removing the karmic bonds you may or may not feel worsening of these problems of the past. They amplify in your reality so that you can recognize and start solving them. We will solve some in the course of our work with Shambala; some of them will remain to higher learning - they are asking for more detailed work, more detailed knowledge. It can be done by looking into the Akashic records. You will read more about this in the menu on the side.
"Reading / Viewing Akasha Records".

Each stage of this basic Shambala is also an increase in body energy vibrations. Also, possibly, visions related to the spiritual development of an individual. In the third degree, the body is energetically transformed so that it can pass through a powerful stream of energy to heal others, heal itself, heal the planet, and eventually pass the individual steps further. Every stage can change the perception of reality, our consciousness expands - through new knowledge, we see and feel what we have not seen and felt before; our intuition is stronger, just like our clarity.

The last master stage is completed with the handover of everything so that the "initiation" is complete. The exact meaning of words
"Dedication to Shambala"
is often misused - study it.

After the 4th degree of initiation, the entire energy system can be integrated in many areas of life. Of course, you can start initiating yourself - this is often kept as a secret from the new enthusiasts and freshly initiated - though I do not understand why - apparently for commercial purposes. However, a spiritually skilled person who knows the esoteric and secret teachings should know the laws of the Universe, living in harmony with them, and so to know that "COMPETITION DOES NOT EXIST" !!! There are only subconscious blocks and fear of failure. So if you see that someone is afraid of competition or does not have clientele - they may not know the laws of Universe. If they want to teach these things and lead others in the way to the Light they should know this, and live in accordance with these laws.

With every step you may or may not experience "cleansing" - both physically and mentally. Man is healing at all levels, by first healing the current "ailments" and then healing the body backwards - healing all that has remained untreated in the present life, what drugs couldn’t heal or what was just beginning to outbreak on energy level of the body.

At the same time, basic Shambala (and other versions) helps us to process negative thinking patterns and habits into positive once, if we agree with this change, and we consciously want it. Man is changing in the direction of direct love and peace. And if we are fulfilling our "dharma", that is our life's task/mission, we are supported on our way by the beings from above and our dreams are fulfilled. If we do not know what to do, we are supported and directed if we ask for it.

It can happen that we will lose our current friends and new ones come into our lives. This is because we are changing and unconsciously attracting people to us who are more like us and our new view of the world.

Basic Shambala is therefore a ticket for humanity as well as an accelerated train for a faster spiritual ascension.


After being initiated into basic Shambala 1024 you can continue yourself downloading more and more master symbols or you can have someone initiate you. The next levels and their order are Shambala 2002, Shambala 12D, Shambala 3110, and Christ’s Shambala. Of course it doesn't end here. There are new master symbols send to us all the time. They are updated to our current needs and growth. Once you learn how to work with Shambala it is very easy to keep updating yourself with Shambala’s energy.

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