Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Akasha Chronicles


Also known as the Akasha records, the Book of Fate, the Book of Sins, the Book of Life, the Akashic Field, the Space Memory ...

Akasha has its specific energy intelligent vibrations; it is a timeless, energetic substance - the energetic vortex of the highest intelligence and the highest knowledge of everything, everywhere and always in the infinite eternity. It’s aware of itself. We can also call it the Akashic field, the cosmic memory of the universe, or the cosmic information field. It is a time-space continuum that penetrates everything; it's all around us.

Akasha records are energy records of all souls and past lives; about animals, about buildings, sights, cities, etc., from the eternity of ages ... about the birth and extinction of all creations. It's an energy imprint of everything. From the Akashic field, everything comes out and returns back to it.

However we call it, it’s a source of past, present and future events. There is no time in this conscious field, all events happen here and now, though we perceive them on Earth as past, present and future.

With Akasha records, we can look into the root cause of any problem we want to resolve permanently, be it finances, disease, relationships...

Our souls are pure, and at each birth they carry the energetic KARMIC blocks from past incarnations. These energy karmic blocks make life harder for us; they tend to repeat themselves all the time, ever more and more, and cannot be removed from life. As if they were part of us. They call for their permanent healing or removal.

From the point of view of human life, we cannot find the cause of our problem if it stems from the former lives. From the Akasha point of view, that is to say the expanded state of consciousness, from the point of view of eternity, from the point of view of the eternal soul we suddenly can see everything, the cause is suddenly very clear. Simply put - the soul is eternal - it is born on Earth – “wears” the body out then switches it for a new one and continues to where it has ceased in the past (for example: if the physical body is drowned - it has to wash ashore and continue life again, without this understanding the problem returns over and over - either directly or symbolically). This is the right view for any problem, for any disease.

Akasha Chronicles offer us lasting solutions to the problems => purification or healing of energetic/ karmic blocks => cleansing karma, finding and purifying subconscious patterns of contemporary life or inherited problems. That is how we can direct our life to happiness, thanks to the healed energy blocks. In order to heal a particular problem we need to understand the primary cause of it by reading in the Akasha record. Also by opening the records, a strong energy flow is triggered, which helps to cure the problem in our body and subconsciousness. It is a gentle cleansing of karmic or subconscious patterns through knowledge and understanding.

It is possible to permanently clear all karmic or energetic subconscious patterns and blocks by understanding the primary cause of the problem.

It is possible not only to find out the cause of the problems and their subsequent permanent healing, but we can understand where our positive or negative qualities or talents come from (talents, phobias, compulsions, etc ...).

We can see why some places or certain people attract us without our knowledge. We will find out what karmic problem we have ever dealt with and how we can understand how to resolve it now. This knowledge brings every soul a great shift at the level of our soul's development.

Akasha energy heals already during the "reading" of the records. It is a very strong energy that helps in the spiritual cleansing of our body for the ongoing transformation - the transition to higher vibrations of being.

Access to the Akasha field should not be regarded as our sixth sense, but as the first - the most basic of our senses, which is natural to our soul. Anyone who starts working directly with Akasha records will uplift nearby beings to a higher level of vibration, resulting in the necessary body cleansing to gradually shift into higher vibrations of existence.

In our present life, we are given the opportunity to correct past mistakes through a view into the Akashic field. So we do not have to wait until our present incarnation is over, to evaluate where we have succeeded in our lives and where we failed. We are now given the opportunity to know and purify everything if we are ready for it; resolve our problems from past lives complete our tasks so that our present incarnation on Earth is the last one.

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