Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Astral Parasites - Disease and Failure


With increased energy vibrations, the "energy implants, aka astral parasites” that are part of human manipulated DNA, and flawed genes in human DNA" are being pushed out of the body.

These "creatures" cause us for example, heart problems, rashes, burns, cramps, internal heat, sweating, tremor and muscle tension, strep throat, gum aches, heartburn, ear problems, eye problems, stomach problems, cancer, strokes, back and joint problems, fatigue, sleepiness ... Here I could write a long list of health problems.

Psychological problems are also related to these astral parasites.

Humans have these "parasites" in their bodies, in its DNA, from the time when our DNA was misused and changed by different race/races so that they can manipulate, enslave and use us. In low energy vibrations they cannot be detected, they cannot be removed. However, as you increase your energy vibrations - if you are more sensitive to perceive them, you will even feel that - these "parasites" are being pushed out of your body. At the same time, they can be seen by those who can visually perceive energies.

We have these parasites in our body (our energetic body) since birth. They hurt us, but we can only remove them when the energy vibrations of the body increases to a certain vibration. If a person does not increase their energy vibrations or does not remove them, these astral parasites will disintegrate and rot in the body over time, and this "waste" will manifest itself on the physical level, in the form of diseases.

These are not negative dark entities that are preying on us for a variety of reasons, but we live with them for many incarnations. They are part of us on the energy and astral level of the body, associated with us genetically.

By gradually increasing energy vibrations, all causes of health problems at the energy level can be completely eliminated, which leads to physical recovery.

Similarly, astral parasites affect and dictate partner relationships and relationships in general. The astral parasite in us is usually a creature representing "darkness and evil" deliberately. People who come into our lives are mirroring (reflecting) these astral parasites in us. When I make an example, and use a snake, as an astral parasite in us, what is the snake in fact? It is poisonous, unpredictable, it delivers a poison, and that is what’s being “mirrored"(shown) in our relationships. Therefore, the partner is poisonous to us (unwillingly), paralyzing us with his poisonous words, being treacherous, and much more. When you imagine that we have three dozen astral parasites in us that put such programs in our relationships, you must be absolutely clear that harmonious relationships can only be found when you utterly destroy these "programs" and all astral parasites too. Also the fact that these programs dictate in certain way whether you find a partner or you will have to stay alone.

When you want to find your spiritual partner (your second half), all these astral parasites must be "expelled" from your body and you have to maximize the energy vibrations of your body. You will meet your spiritual partner when you rise to the level of energy vibrations of the body where you have lost him/her forever in the "primary fall".

All the other partnerships you are experiencing are karmic. You have no karma with your spiritual partner. You were only long ago divided.

This topic of astral parasites cannot be fully publicized for certain reasons. I can’t mention individual "astral parasites", because without the increased energy vibrations of the body, with the knowledge of these astral parasites there would only be chaos and confusion in the body. That is why I will not mention this subject in more detail here. Trust me that this is better than any sci-fi film. By going through this process and removing these parasites you are surprisingly and permanently relieved in your health, relationships, and also in finance. That's also because astral parasites and energy implants can be used by your surroundings and by the state to manipulate and enslave you.

Typically it takes anywhere from 6-12 months to completely cleanse them out of a body.

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