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Bovis scale of vibrations


Since I have been working with energy and increasing my energy vibration, I felt the need to "measure" the energy vibrations of my body - and not only that - to be able to know what level of development I am at. In particular, the amount or strength of the energy vibrations - radiation - of my physical body, as the increase in the energy vibrations of the physical body is one of the main assumptions of a conscious transition to the 5th level.

At the same time I needed to know at what level of energy vibration the potential energy implants start to push out of the energy and astral body .Because if we do not understand what blocks us, how it looks and how it makes life harder - we will not remove it. It does not go away on its own.

At the same time, the question came about on what energy vibration can a person move from Third dimension through Fourth to Fifth dimension. And much more...

Now I know, but it is not good to know the energy value of the 3D gateway in advance; gate value to Shambala or gate value to 5D. If this value is known in advance, we would focus on the future, and it would slow us down by not perceiving the events in the reality of the presence that needs to be fully targeted and monitored. It is this experience of the presence, observation and understanding that will gradually lead us to the goal.

The energy vibrations of the physical body and life energy are two different things, so do not confuse their meaning.

I searched for and found Bovis vibration scale, which is now a great helper in my work. Managing my clients in their transformation.


Bovis biometer is a measuring instrument invented by the French physicist Alfred Bovis (1871-1947), which serves to radiestically determine the energy vibrational quality of a site, person or thing. In examining the Bovis Scale. Simenoton continued to develop a biometric instrument that could be used to detect the intensity of radiation or energy in a given location through a radius pendulum. The scale was formed on the basis of the wavelength of electromagnetic waves. Thus, the concept of Bovis unit, corresponding to a wavelength of one thousandth of a nanometer, has been captured.

Abbreviation Bu = Bovis unit


Examples of my work and practice:

The energy vibration of 14,000 Bu to 15,000 Bu presents the first energy implant for processing. The vibration of 18,000 Bu - this is the approximate limit of "transformation" - one can translate this level of vibration to 5D perception at the level of consciousness.
At the same time, you can begin to pick up another energy implant for your understanding and healing.
Around 20,000 degrees of Bovis, and above, you begin to process negative emotions, thoughts, qualities ... and the height of vibrations will stay at this level," just by having everything within our bodies processed. Fears and worries are beginning to disappear because our consciousness, our energetic and astral body have been already developing for a while, and every other vibration brings us something new and interesting.

Similarly, being in "Unity" will be fully understood when your energy vibrations will bring you to "Unity". You will fully understand the true meaning of this word; it cannot be fully understood without experience. Once again, "Unity" will give you a certain "energy" vibration and information. These are very interesting experiences, I have always been surprised at the true meaning of these words when I only read about them; and when I actually live them.

You can communicate with Pleiades - or to your original home of your soul – when the energy vibrations of your physical body are at "their frequency".


Here are some examples to compare with some items - these are not my personal measurements, but they correspond to pure logic (they are posted on the internet on other sites).

1,500 - 1,600 Bu .. No life force, death
6.000 .................. Drinking water from the water main
6.500 .................. Average vibration people in Europe
6,000 - 7,000 ....... Healthy zones
7,000 - 13,000 ..... Energy action of true healers
8.000 .................. Average vibration human energy in Asia
14,000 - 14,500 ... Limit for change.

This I can confirm, at this level of my personal vibration, I perceived a "jump" to Fifth dimension perception and a great stream of energy into the body. However, it is necessary to understand the events of some past realities so that one can transform to the 5D perception.

On the energy vibration of 180,000,000 Bu, I began to perceive the adjacent mirror universe.
The vibration of 300,000,000 Bu opened my "Third Eye Vision".
On vibration 777,777,777 Bu I first consciously perceived entering through a power gate.
The buildup of vibrations is very individual. For some it is a matter of 6 months for others it can take years.
You can decrease or curb the vibration of the body with your mind for example if you’re experiencing a stronger cleansing. If you’re in negative state, the energy vibrations decrease on their own. There is a lot of interesting variables.
Now we are waiting for the power gate to open completely for us.


Once a person cleanses consciously everything within himself, the energy vibrations of the physical body rise very quickly. The energy vibrations of my body were rapidly rising during my work with Shambala and Akasha and during processing of energy and astral barriers/blocks. At the same time, understanding the whole being from getting "casted out of paradise" until now. Seeing the symbols in your current life.
The more we have cleansed earthly bodies, the higher the values of the energy vibrations of our bodies, spirit and consciousness; and on that basis we live in an increasingly more gentle spheres of being.

Our “protectors/guides” are very helpful in this. Switching from 3D to 5D is important to me as reaching Fifth dimension is the goal in this life and helping others reach it as well is my mission that I need to fulfill.

On my way to my goal I'm collecting experiences, hitting "roadblocks" and I enjoy sharing them and advise others.


At energy vibration of 600,000 Bu and above, the body is already in a state where our emotional body has difficulty to produce negative emotions. It's a great relief. Nobody and nothing moves with you. With other higher and higher vibrations, the dark side of the human being is processed, leaving only the "Light Being" - without the "production" of negative emotions and thoughts. The astral body - emotional and mental is completely purified.

At a certain vibration is so called "dimensional gate" from 3D (level of matter) to 4D (the astral level) and then through astral vibration to “power gate” to 5D (symbolic paradise). It is a journey on the level of energy vibrations, the way through the astral, into the higher and energetically more subtle spheres. Everything dark and negative is gradually cleansed on this journey. The "dark creature" in us will dissipate. When we reach the energetic "dimensional gate" to 5D, we will be a pure, luminous being, with fully activated 12-fiber DNA.

One has to work on himself to get to the 3D gate. As soon as we pass through the 3D gate, our body’s vibrations are automatically carried up. The high energy vibrations push everything that hasn’t been processed and needs to be removed/cleansed out of our body. All you have to do is realize what is being pushed out.

On this journey to higher vibrations we are protected by higher beings - some perceive them, others don’t. The spiritual growth of each individual is very important, that’s why we have maximum protection "from above".
We have a protective silver cylinder around us. We are masked/hidden from the dark beings from astral.

No one can stop you from getting to high vibrations from getting home. On the way to the gentle spheres of life, we are experiencing only what we once experienced during our “fall from Paradise". This is what we experience in symbolism - backwards.
By reading symbols in reality, you can read your old past.

It is important that we are responsible for the people in our vicinity. We are emitting high energy vibrations, and those living near us are also being cleansed, but unconsciously, by our vibrations. At the same time they are increasing their energy vibrations. Therefore, we need to check on their energy vibrations occasionally, and eventually intervene where this could get out of control.

By studying these pages, your energy vibrations are increased by the radiation. I create them with high vibrations, and you are receiving this energy vibration. Likewise, when you often stay in a company of people who have high energy vibrations, you are automatically being cleansed.

1st stage initiation to Shambala 1024 emits energy vibrations of up to 58,000 Bu.
The 2nd degree energy of initiation radiates energy vibrations up to 80,000 Bu in the body.
The 3rd degree of initiation energy radiates energy vibrations of up to 102,000 Bu.
The 4th degree initiation radiates energy vibrations of up to 140,000 Bu.

Here it depends on the energy vibration of the initiator. Nobody can hand over something he does not have.

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