Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Celestine Prophecy


author James Redfield

After his best seller book "Celestine prophecy " he continues with the books "Celestine prophecy - a working book," "Tenth Prophecy", "The Shambala Secrets",and the latest inscription "The Twelfth Insight",which deals with the current transformation and its brief content is listed below on this website.

The author describes his long but very interesting spiritual journey and thus gives us background on how we should change and work on our spiritual development in order to reach the highest that can be attained today ... On his search he goes to Peru, where he discovers the secrets (so-called insights). However, the way to these insights is not easy, because the government does not want the insights to come out for the public to keep its undisturbed power.

The fact that I knew these insights in advance at every moment of my development, in every new situation and experience, thanks to the knowledge of this story - I always knew what I was going through. I could compare my experiences with the story of the author. These books have become an invaluable guide to my development. That's why I publish the excerpts from the books and recommend that everyone study these books. .


First insight

Critical amount

There is a new awakening in our civilization. It is caused by critical amount of people realizing that their life is an opportunity for spiritual growth; a journey that we are led on by mysterious influences and coincidences.

We look at our lives and we realize that there is more to it than we thought. Behind everyday routine and task, we find the mysterious influences of the divine: "significant coincidences", as if giving us news and leading us in a certain direction. At first, we notice these coincidences only briefly. But in the end, we slow down and look at these events more closely. If we open and watch, we'll better notice the next synchronous events. Coincidence seems to come and go sometimes in rapid succession and sometimes slow. And yet we realize that we have revealed the spiritual process that leads us forward. The following insights illustrate how to increase the frequency of this mysterious synchronism and how to reveal the predetermined future to which we are led.


Second Insight

Prolonged presence

This awakening represents the creation of a new, more complete world view that replaces our five-hundred-year-old interest in secular survival and comfort. Although this technological bias was a significant historical step, our new understanding of life coincidences shows us the real meaning of human life on this planet and the real nature of the universe.

The second insight is the realization that our perception of life coincidences is a significant historical event. After the collapse of the medieval world view, we lost the certainty that arose from the ecclesial explanation of the universe. That's why, five hundred years ago, collectively, we decided to focus on taking control of nature, putting science and technology into the world. We have chosen to replace the lost spiritual certainty with secular certainty. To feel safer, we began systematically to deny the mysterious aspects of life on this planet. We have created the illusion that we live in a universe that is fully explicable and predictable, and in which no random events have any meaning. To keep the illusions, we denied conflicting evidence, limited the scientific research of paranormal phenomena, and took the position of absolute skepticism. Exploring the mystical aspects of life has become taboo. Gradually, however, we began to wake up. Our awakening is nothing more than liberation from the secular bias of modern times. We begin to open our mind to a new, more truthful worldview.

It is not good to criticize others for their restrictive attitudes. Everyone develops at their own pace. There is no need to divide people into enlightened ones and those who are still looking and suffering. Understanding and a simple observation and reasoning process produce a different energy for you and for others. But if you feel that you can change something, let yourself be guided by the moment. Follow the intuition!


Third Insight

Matter of energy

We realize that we do not live in the material universe, but in the universe of the dynamic energy that we are able to perceive. In addition, we humans can transfer our energy by concentrating our attention in the desirable direction ("where the focus is, the energy goes"), influencing other energy systems and increasing the number of coincidences in our lives.

The third insight describes our universe as a dynamic energy system. When we look at the world around us today, we cannot see it as a material substance. Based on many discoveries of modern physics and their articulation with the wisdom of the East, we are beginning to realize that the universe is an immense field of energy, a quantum world in which all phenomena are interconnected and interacting with one another. The wisdom of Eastern thoughts teaches us that we have access to this universal energy. Through our thoughts and intentions we can project it and influence our reality as well as the reality of others.

Increasing energy - once you become aware of the energy movement in your body, you can increase your vitality as you need it. Increasing energy may not be complicated or costly. Energy increases when you live fully in the present. The most important thing is to concentrate on the present moment. Loss of energy - that is, cut off from the source - causes an inability to influence reality by thoughts and intentions! There are many other ways to maintain divine energy.


Fourth insight

Struggle for power

People are too often isolating themselves from a larger source of energy and feel weak and uncertain. To get the energy, we force others to pay attention to us and by that give us their energy. When we manage to control others this way, we feel more powerful, but others are weakened by it and often resist us. The struggle for human energy is the cause of all interpersonal relationships

Fourth insight says that we are often cut off from our inner connection with mystical energy. As a result, we feel weak and insecure, and we want to strengthen ourselves by trying to gain the energy of others. We achieve this by manipulating or controlling their attention (by arguing, getting other peoples pity, we want their support). When we can get others attention, we feel strengthened by their energies, which strengthens us while weakening them. Because many defend their power, power struggles (whoever wins the fight - gets the energy, the one who loses the argument looses their energy and feels weak). All the conflicts in the world come from this energy struggle.

If two people are not balanced, they cannot take energy from a universal space source; they rely on the other energy and develop a dependent relationship between them!


Fifth insight

Mystic Message

Uncertainty and violence end when we begin to experience an inner connection with the divine energy within us, a connection described with the mystique of all cultures. The feeling of optimism - liveliness - and a constant feeling of love are a measure of this connection. If we have these feelings, our connection is real. If we do not have it, then this connection is just pretentious. The author gets into the astral world with his physical body on the basis of increasing energy vibrations of the body.

The fifth insight is the experience of an inner connection with divine energy. By exploring our inner divine nature we can personally achieve the experience we call the mystical. In seeking this changed state of consciousness and this self-awareness. In this respect, we are using certain standards that show us whether we are connected with universal energy. For example, do we feel lighter? Do we perceive more intensely colors, odors, smells, tastes, sounds and beauty? Do we feel unity and complete safety? And above all, do we experience the state of consciousness, which we call love? Not love for someone or something (this is addiction), but the overall feeling of love. We no longer want to just talk about mystical consciousness anymore. Today we have courage; this connection with universal energy overcomes all conflicts. We no longer need energy from others.

Connecting with powerful natural energy helps us to achieve higher energy and higher vibrations. When it happens that our energy and energy vibrations decrease with some negative event, we can gain them back by connecting with nature. At this stage of higher vibrations, we become a new person - we exist at a higher level of energy, at the level of high vibrations!!!


Sixth insight

Overcoming the past

The more we are connected, the more acutely we are aware of the loss of this connection - usually in stressful situations. In such situations, we can see how we steal others energy. As soon as we realize this situation, our connection becomes more permanent; we discover our own path, our own mission and the way we can contribute to the world.

. Sixth insight teaches us to realize the moment when we lose our inner connection with divine energy. In such moments, we often resort to our personal (and unconscious) way of gaining energy from others. These methods are either passive or aggressive. The most passionate strategy is the attitude of the “Sufferer”. The suffering person considers all events as negative, seeks help with others, describes events so that others feel guilty (and therefore pay attention and energy to him). The "Observer" strategy is less passive. The observer usually answers the questions vaguely, never engages in anything, and forces others to look for him if they want to understand him. This gives them their attention and energy. More aggressive than the previous two is the "Questioner" method. The questioner tries to find mistakes in what others are doing and is always following them. When he finds them in something he considers to be wrong, they become too cautious, nervous, and worried about what the questioner thinks of them. They watch him from the corner of their eye, and they pay attention and energy to him. Of all of them the most aggressive is the "Intimidator" An intimidator looks as if he has no control of himself; his behavior is explosive, dangerous and offensive. The others watch him carefully and give him energy. Because we repeat these manipulations with everyone we meet and organize events in our lives around these strategies, we can call them "control dramas" that tend to constantly repeat the same situations. But once we realize our control drama, we begin to notice their repeated presence and we are able to stay connected with our inner energy. The analysis of our childhood reveals how our controlling dramas have evolved; as soon as we do, we will reveal deeper reasons why we were born into our families. From the concrete successes or failures of our parents we can derive our life question and our "mission" in the world..

Keeping our control dramas blocks the connection with divine energy!!!


Seventh Insight

Connection to the energy current

Understanding our individual mission further strengthens the flow of mysterious coincidences that lead us to the goal. First we look for answers to questions; then dreams and intuitions lead us to the answers that will give us the wisdom of another person in synchronicity

Seventh insight tells us that we can develop consciously. It emphasizes that, just as we develop physically, we also develop psychologically and spiritually. Seventh insight shows how to do it through active engagement into the current. The first step is to increase your own energy, the second step is to remember your life’s mission and the third step is to find immediate small questions. When we realize our thoughts and our day and night dreams, we get information that reveals our questions and shows us what we have to do. Seventh knowledge is the realization that coincidences lead us to achieve our life's mission. In our everyday life, we develop by seeking and receiving answers to less important questions derived from our main goals. When we ask the right questions, the answers come through mysterious opportunities. Every synchronism, no matter how positive, always brings us an important question, so our spiritual development is a process of asking questions and getting answers. Synchronous responses come from many sources: day and night dreams, intuitive thoughts, and most often from others who feel inspired to give us some information.

The biggest obstacle to solving our life problems is that we consider them to be something outside of us. In fact, every problem is an external manifestation of the state of our consciousness. If our consciousness is quiet and clean, the problems will disappear. (Arnold Patent)


Eight insight


The occurrence of decisive coincidences can be increased if we try to elevate every person we meet. In romantic relationships, however, we must be careful not to lose our inner connection. Enhancement of others is especially effective in groups where everyone perceives the energy of others. In children it is very important for their safety and growth. By perceiving beauty in every face, we raise the other to the level of their wisest self, and thus increase the likelihood that we will hear the synchronous message.

. At this point, the Manuscript predicts that the evolutionary process will accelerate as people begin to use their energies in a new way in relation to others. As coincidence is usually done through others, Eighth insight shows how to improve our mutual relationships so that we can be better at sharing information. When we learn to have more conscious relationships with others, our personal development and the development of our children will accelerate, because we will be better-functioning, wholesome people. This knowledge speaks of many kinds of relationships including romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, and group dynamics. These are the main points of the Eighth insight. Most synchronisms happen through information from others, and our spiritual ethics strengthens these synchronicities

. Again, beware of the energy of romantic love. This may appear as a "Power struggle" over time, and so again we will not be associated with divine energy.


Ninth insight

Emerging culture

While we are all fulfilling our spiritual mission, the technological means of survival will be fully automated and we will be able to concentrate on our synchronous growth. We will achieve ever higher energy states when our body changes into a spiritual form and this dimension of existence will be combined with a posthumous existence that ends the cycle of birth and death.

The ninth insight shows us how evolution will continue its course if we are living the previous eight insights. As synchronicity increases, we achieve higher and higher levels of energy. As we are lead to find our true mission, we begin to change our jobs and set up our own businesses so that we can work in the field that inspires us the most. For many of us, this automation will produce basic goods and services: food, accommodation, clothing, transport, media and recreation. This automation will be approved because most of us will not work in these industries for a lifetime. The availability of the goods will not be abused, as each of us will go his own development path and will consume only when necessary. Giving others who bring us spiritual knowledge will complement our income and deliver us from a strict working environment. In the end, the need for money will disappear, as free energy and durable goods will allow complete automation As evolution continues, synchronous growth will increase our vibrations to the point where we penetrate into the postmortem dimension and merge it with our own and end the cycle of birth and death. (Looking at the next millennium).


Tenth Prophecy

The author shows how he goes through different levels of being, with his physical body, by increasing the body's energy vibrations. It shows how good it is to protect yourself from unwanted entities. He lets people see where the soul and mind of the human being are going, after the death of the physical body.


Secrets of Shamballa

The author travels for further exploration to Tibet. He notices all synchronicities and coincidences. Socialist China is behind him and he successfully escapes it. There is a Tibetan temple where it is safe to hide. In this insight or cognition, the key point is that the author increases his energy vibration of the body so much that he will also get with his physical body into the ethereal dimension of Shambala, the Fifth dimension. He will also visit the Shambala Temple. He finds his thoughts at this level immediately materializing. There are also people who already live in this dimension - that is, they have previously developed all the knowledge. So, after processing our previous knowledge, we can increase our energy vibrations so that we can look at that etheric level or live there..


Twelfth insight

In present time material life is becoming increasingly difficult, as the financial and social system is disturbed. These are challenges for greater spiritual awakening - knowledge of new abilities and greater spiritual awakening.

Everyone must decide - we are glad to welcome ourselves more spiritually, or will we give ourselves to the fears and mischievous premonitions?

? It is a challenge that examines our courage and practicality. Events force us in a way to change our opinions and actions. The only way to survive this terrible confusion that rules in the whole of today's world is to live completely different.

Our ability to maintain synchronicity will be demonstrated. As soon as more and more mysterious consensus emerges, we realize that we are guided and even protected from the pitfalls of this period of history. Those of us who have already discovered how this stream can sustain and use this knowledge will help others to open themselves. However, if most of us cannot accept and develop this thing, it will, on the contrary, lead to this knowledge not being realized and disappearing somewhere in the course of history.

The experiences of synchronicity lead us all. If we manage to stay in the flow of these experiences, we realize that our lives are developing in a certain direction and we will be much more alive. As soon as we enter the stream of synchronicity, we perceive much more clearly and we are more alive. If we get out of that stream, then we'll lose it all. Right now we have a chance to understand what a synchronism is, but also to know our true spiritual nature. If we do not, our future and our children's future will develop in a completely different direction.

Once we join all eleven insights, we will get to the final - the twelfth. Then we know not only the whole image of our spirit in this life, but at the same time we can experience it for most of the time.

How to keep in synchronicity stream? Just think or talk about it. The mind will tune its self on it. We must consciously expect another synchronicity to arrive, and so we have to get into a state of "awake expectation," which is not so easy for now because we are still thinking ahead and employing something. But staying in this waking state helps us tremendously because it results in a "slowing down" of time. Every time we want to speed things up, we feel as they take forever. Right now, the slowing down of time is the real thing, because for many people, the problems lie literally at the speed of light. The more we can slow down - and wait for a synchronous event to show us a way - we'll be able to manage life more easily. And as soon as the mysterious coincidences of circumstances begin to occur and our fate will unfold, it is enough to just stay in the current. If we want to do it, we have to learn how to tell others what is happening. So tell others how I see the whole situation while still thinking about being focused and staying in the process. If we do, we find that for us anybody can have some interesting information that we are just looking for. Do not fall out of the current = keep your energy.

The first integration is keeping the current of synchronicity, has set us in motion. Before that, it was much more difficult. And it was enough to expect it and it happened. Then we can just focus on the fact that we are telling others the truth about their journey and how it develops. And then synchronicity will lead us to the next level.

Second integration teaches us how we should try to discover the higher truth in others, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable to meet. So engage in a conscious conversation with skeptics.

The third integration shows a bigger picture of what happens when we are still focusing on the truth, and also shows the connection of the law of truth to the law of union, karma, and help. If we hold our truths when dealing with others and do not lie and manipulate no one, we will comply with the law of karma, avoid the interference, and naturally attract those who can help us. This makes it quicker to get in touch with other people and with divine power.

The fourth integration shows the risks associated with seeking a higher spiritual connection. Those who are still obsessed with secular things are creating increasingly polarized systems of falsity and dealing with extremes, humiliating others, and posing a general danger

The fifth and sixth integrations show how deep our connection with the divine power can be, we can find love, and, more importantly, protection and find out what our mission is. We realize that we have a role to play and we need to help each other to get through the remaining integration. We must reinforce this influence by other integration and create a unified convention that addresses all those who are afraid. As far as the journey is concerned - just imagine the destination. If we see it clearly and well in mind and heart, the journey is safe. If we cannot imagine our goal, the problems are coming to fruition. That's why you can see which way is right.

Seventh integration shows how to further enhance synchronicity by listening to the guidance we receive when we are tuned to it..

The eighth integration shows how a higher mind is connected, which is connection to the divine power. When two people join in this way, they feel a much larger range because they have access not only to their higher self but also to the higher self of each other. As a result, their perception is much clearer, and such leadership will appear. (One begins with the idea and the other one finishes it clairvoyantly= acting in unity)

The ninth integration brings us closer to the heavenly level of consciousness. It's the secret of joining those who feel fear and anger. We must be able to rise to this state. This widespread perception of beauty approaches the consciousness existing in heaven. There people know how to use the power of agape against others, especially those who are bound by a certain ideology. If we want to act on those who have fear and anger, we have to do what they do in the afterlife. The complete love of the mind requires unity of purpose, but at the same time we must return to a loving state that completely overcomes sexual problems. This emotion is called agape. (Deep eye-sight, no sexual subtext, love of soul to all that was created, but above all love to others, essentially platonic). Focusing on this kind of love raises those who are connected to the level of the highest spiritual wisdom, even faster than the intentional unity and conscious conversation. And this shift to a higher level is multiplied when it is done in a group while influencing others to awaken. The influx of energy + agapé causes literally an internal explosion. To maintain a higher state of perception in the world, it is necessary to decide and stay tuned, staying agape, seeing a new level of beauty and seeing everything in one focus. .

The tenth integration says we are gradually unifying with the posthumous dimension. Again, a higher perception, a conscious perception of the post-mortem dimension with which we can communicate, feel it, see it. So we can sort things out with the dear ones and learn what they know. The main thing is to do the same thing they do: use the influence and law of the connection to raise others into interconnected consciousness. It's another level of connection.

Eleventh integration - all religions mostly agree, but the union of all religions is needed. At present, religion is only a means of power. Religion must find its center and unite. Likewise, they must find their central politics and everything ... All religions speak of enlightenment. But there is only one enlightenment - it is the physical transformation that occurs through the higher perception and consciousness that gives us flashes of knowledge. We must not wait to be elevated! We must open up the divine consciousness so that our perceptions and energies reach the level that is possible. It is important to know what we are trying to do and what is the strength of our desire for unity. And also realize that the help from the top is on the way if we learn to properly adjust. People in the posthumous dimension are trying to help us to open up our awakening and higher perception, as well as the dead who do not realize anything.

The twelfth integration opens the highest ways in our brains. This integrates all integrations. If there are enough people in this connection with integration, humanity will recognize the whole creation plan. It is necessary to experience this presence with gratitude and the connection will be even stronger. Devotion and grandeur return to human society. There needs to be 144,000 people who will know this knowledge and integration and live in it. This will raise the rest of people and move them to 5D consciousness. This is how our perception, behavior, transformation into higher vibrations of existence should be gradually changed. This whole document was sent to Earth by people from "Shamballa"

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