Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Price list

Viewing into Akasha / reading from Akasha

1 session = approx. 60 minutes ................. $30

In one session, we process a single cause of the problem in detail if the problem is anchored in more than one cause, then we will schedule another session for another day. It is not good to know all the causes at once to prevent a strong purification process. It is a demanding work on perception part (for me), and purification process for you.

Payment a week in advance of the session is required. I will work with you over Skype. Voice connection or a written link online is necessary for the reading. You must contact me first by email, with your name and date of birth to make sure you can be connected with Akasha.


Detection and removal of energy implants

Initial detection session is approximately 60min and follow-up is after about three to four weeks
=> depending on the number and types of energy implants currently being processed. The work is divided into more sessions, according to the current state of the energy implants being processed. This is very individual. Unblocking all energy implant takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months. And i will work with you and keep in touch this entire time. Follow up sessions and providing you with new materials to work on takes max. 1 hour.

Removal of all implants ....................... $150 paid in advance

This price includes initial implant detection session,removal of all known implants, follow up sessions via Skype as needed, answering any questions you may have via email during this time, and any views into Akasha that you will need.

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