Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Reading from Akasha

(Viewing the Akashic records)

Nowadays, many people who come to me have increased energy vibrations of their physical body through spiritual development. These increased energy vibrations are pushing "energy implants "out of their bodies. Some of these energy implants make it impossible for me to connect to their Akashic record.

So contact me first to find out the amount of energy vibrations your body has and the state of your energy implants. I call this initial findings, and it is necessary to first "process / clean" the energy implants before we begin working in Akasha. The cleaning of these implants is the basis for successful work in Akasha. Your "energy footprint" in Akasha also has these "blocks" inside you, and you must first remove them.
Then we can start working in Akasha.

For example, four years ago this was not necessary, as most of my newly arrived clients did not yet have increased body energy vibrations. Therefore, these implants could not be pushed out of the body = they were not prepared for removal. At the moment, I'm starting all new clients with this "initial check", and then we will talk together about our cooperation. Once we process this, you can start working in Akasha.

I connect to Akashic records through my higher chakras. The main thing is the clients consent. When connected, it starts to trigger a strong akashic energy that will penetrate me and the client through a stack of light (even when working online via the Internet or the phone remotely). Energy from the very beginning heals the underlying cause of the problem in the sub consciousness and in the body. I will write everything I am getting form Akasha about your problem on paper and send it to you by e-mail. At the same time, akashic energy heals these blocks that are causing your problem during the session itself.

When the records are opened, the client describes the problem - how it started, how it happened, when it started, where it happened, who else is connected to the problem. Then I get the primary cause of the problem. I will get all the details about the cause. I write everything down. Then I will tell the client all the information I got and I will ask him if he has any questions about the answers. Together we try to find connections between his past life and his current situation. Once this happens, the problem is healed automatically.

Each problem rarely has only one single cause. We can handle only one cause during one session. Approximately one month to a month and a half after work on the primary cause you will see if there is a need to continue working, or one session is enough. In terms of relationships or finances, multiple sessions are needed, depending on how the problem and its healing evolves. One session is about one hour of work. The client with the information obtained after the session is working on himself according to the instructions he receives from the study.

If the current problem remains partly unrecognized, in the context of past life - no karma or subconscious patterns and blocks will be completely cleansed and part of the problem will remain in the present life - the problem will not be healed altogether. I cannot help understanding the context of life because everyone knows all the details of their life (or problem); everyone has to work here alone. The information I get from Akasha are the client’s information, so only he can fully understand it. I am only a "channel" or "interpreter" of energy information into words.

Permanent removal of energetic karmic or subconscious blocks through Akasha records is a nonviolent form of healing, that is, it does not interfere with your energy centers.

Working with Akasha is a fun method to learn, for example, details of some of your former lives, or details about your family, after which you could inherit your problems or gifts. You will get these information from the records if you are able to accept this information. I have to find that out before starting to work with you.

When the karmic influence is cleansed, the root in the past - the suppressed hidden memories of the past – come out of the subconscious through the consciousness. If this is going to happen in sleep, and it is very common- you will dream strange dreams; you will feel in some of them that you are at home there; the situation manifested through your dream will be somehow close to you... But after a full awakening, the dream is mostly forgotten because this memory - it just has gone away from consciousness


Once we have cleared all the causes of the problem, it is necessary to find in the contexts and symbols "repeated negative subconscious patterns". These are negative emotional formulas, control patterns for the influence of manipulation from the environment, subconscious patterns of behavior, defensive subconscious patterns. As soon as we discover them, these patterns are "burned" by our knowledge and understanding.

In this way, unwanted defective genes in DNA are simultaneously "eliminated". Poverty, problematic relationships - all of this is hidden in DNA, and we have to live unconsciously until we understand that we inadvertently live an" unconscious negative program "...


Once, after my understanding of some of my relationship patterns, my colleague saw a swirl of smoke or smoke in the shape of a DNA helix. It "burned the wrong programmed gene".

Some of the causes of our life-spanning problems have arisen in past lives that we lived in higher energy vibrations of the body than we live in today's life. For example, we lived in Atlantis as advanced spiritual beings with higher energy vibrations. If the cause of the problem has happened in such energy vibration, it is also necessary to increase the energy vibrations of our body to the same level so that the problem can forever leave our life!!!

I will explain this in detail.


Akasha records are guarded by beings who decide what information we can be given to solve our problem, we get the information we need to heal. Other beings who are our spiritual masters, teachers, or deceased family members will help me to mediate this information. At the same time, they protect us that everything is done safely and with the participation of only the Beings of Light.


When initiating to Shambala energy system (1024), and then acquiring other higher and higher frequencies and Shambala master symbols, as per the instructions, the gross blocks are removed, the remembrance of the past, the purification of suppressed negative emotions, and karma. Problems that we have unresolved before initiation need to be resolved or thoroughly cleaned best through Akasha records if the solution is complex. It is also good to accelerate gentle blocks by healing - knowing and understanding with Akasha, or "comparing distorted genes" at an appropriate time.

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