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Dimension Shambala


The Shambala dimension, the etheric Shambala, or the level of being Shambala is actually "THE ENTRY GATE TO FIFTH DIMENSION" => if we want to ascend to the fifth dimension of being by high energy vibrations; you will surely go through the Shambala dimension.

Myths and legends speak that the level of Shambala lies below the Himalaya, "in the fertile oasis of the Gobi desert";but in a different dimension than our level. That is, on completely different energy vibrations of being, and therefore we cannot see this place.

Beings from higher levels of being can see into the lower levels, but not the other way around. That's why we cannot see our "dream 5D". But the creatures of Fifth dimension see us.

Legends and educational literature says that in Shambala lives the "last remnant" of the beings who were the original inhabitants on Earth - that is, beings who were not thrown into the third level of being (Third dimension) - the level of illusory death, but they were able to "stay themselves", " they did not fall out of high vibrations "and stayed at home "; unlike us, who were overthrown "from paradise" = from high energy vibrations of unconditional love.
These original inhabitants are called "Elohim," and help us in our ascension, they are with us at all times, and they send out the necessary energies and information to us.

Other residents, among other beings, are the "Ascended Masters" - who have gone through lessons at the 3D level of death, and have risen to the high vibrational level of being in the time of Atlantis 26,000 years ago, when there were the most favorable conditions for this rise. This phenomenon occurs according to the Mayan calendar every 26,000 years when our solar system makes a complete circle around the Milky Way Galaxy; and is closest to the Galactic Center.
Outside these years, the rise of individuals is very complex, but it is possible. However, there are no suitable galactic conditions for this.

For comparison, roughly 250,000 to 300,000 years ago, an event was dated, when the perfect human DNA was forcibly changed for the first time and symbolic biblical expel out of paradise happened.

In the current years, this ascension is easier as the Fifth dimension level and the entire planet Earth rises to the higher vibrations and that makes it more difficult for the "other side" to prevent this rise of humanity, as it did in Atlantis.
At the time of the Atlantis very few creatures ascended, the successful rise was tragically thwarted.

At the time of the Atlantis massacre, a multidimensional gate collapsed, from the point of view of a man from Earth to higher spheres, that is, to Fifth dimension. It remained blinded for thousands of years.
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The other inhabitants of Shambala are human beings who have currently managed to work on themselves to the point of being able to "pass" the amount of energy vibrations of their sphere body to Fourth dimension - the astral. They continue on their assignments and possibly help those who are working on their ascension in the present period. They can also "send" us the necessary information for our ascension.
Their physical bodies are immortal.

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