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Energy implants


I've been wondering for a long time whether this topic should be published on my site, and if so, how can everyone understand. I decided to put it in a form of a story we are all familiar with...

... long time ago, in times of being in the Fifth dimension - in a paradise where there was no death, the snake had tricked Eve, he told her to eat an apple. But the snake had poisoned it intentionally in advance with its poison. He poisoned all the apples on that tree. He poisoned all the trees in paradise. Eve ate the poisoned apple, and when Adam saw Eve, he ate the poisoned apples too. Eve did not force him, he wanted to taste himself.

Both the snake and his poison were very low energy vibrations. Adam and Eve lived in paradise, with very high energy vibrations of their bodies, on high vibrations of the level of being - "paradise".

Poison spread throughout Eves and Adam's body. The energy vibrations of both beings have fallen to a minimum, and thus Eve and Adam have fallen into 3D - into the cycle of birth and death; into a circle of incarnations in matter. Their descendants, and their other descendants, and over time we have received this poison. We are poisoned in our every birth, as an inheritance. Actually, we have brought it from our first incarnation to the present.

The serpent was merciless, looking only at his own profit. It has created a broad problem for humans. All because of his plans to control humankind by "illusions". And we know it now, and we know in advance the way to the goal.

This poison, keeps mankind "in illusion, dazed" and man is unable to see the truth because of the action of poison in his body. This poison of low energy vibrations brings not only low vibrations, but also low animal instincts, and controls and alters human genes.

Man is born from incarnation to incarnation, and has long forgotten this matter. Now we are awakening from this "illusion" that the poison is causing us.

And so we are looking for the truth, following the calls of our hearts, and our energy vibrations are growing, our consciousness is becoming wider.

We are moving along, but suddenly something "stops" us, and it cannot be overcome, we cannot get the energy vibrations of the body any higher. Our energy vibrations are so high that we can communicate telepathy with creatures of higher levels of being. But there is an obstacle, and you cannot continue to the Fifth dimension - Paradise.

The serpent thoughtin advance that we would remember our origins, and the heart would call us back "home." But it is not possible because the poison in the body is still working; and the higher energy vibrations we have, the greater problems it causes. It pulls us back to low energy vibrations, brings fear from the future, and our health gets worse.
When we realize that the snake has put several varieties of poison in Eve's and Adam's fruit, we do not even know how many poisons we have in us. I keep finding new kinds of such obstacles in different parts of the body. As Edgar Cayce has expressed in his interpretations from Akasha chronicle –“ a physical spiritual connection through the body channels - these are: pineal gland, pancreas, adrenal glands, thymus, thyroid gland and parathyroid glands-is clogged.

And this is now work for us. As soon as we encounter an obstacle - it is necessary to realize that the snake has seen ahead, and ingeniously hid poison in our bodies (karmic, astral, energetic ... ). Every such obstacle is a challenge for us to find, to realize what inhibits us, and remove the poison from the body "non-violently" - by mere knowledge and understanding. You cannot fight it. As soon as we find and understand it - it leaves; and this opens our way to higher vibrations. At the same time it makes us much wiser by overcoming these obstacles.

We will call this poison an energy implant because it prevents spiritual growth on the energy level. It interferes, but is not visible in our body, only some individuals are able to "capture" it by their subtle senses. My colleague has seen them since the beginning of our work, I felt them. But they can only be seen when high energy vibrations are pushing them out of our bodies. Medical devices are not able to capture these implants because they are not physical.

But believe that every overcome obstacle will lead us to higher energy vibration, and we will remember our origin. You will feel that you are getting closer to the home of your soul. After the last obstacle, at a certain level of vibration, you will find yourself fully in 5D - in paradise, where creating with only thought works perfectly without any blocks and snags.

Let's admit that in recent times many of us have forgotten what they are talking about in the middle of a sentence. We put something somewhere, and we will not find it anymore. And this is the work of these energy implants. To decommission our brain. Causing us “incurable diseases". This "poison" has clogged centers in the brain responsible for creating with a thought, telepathic contact with the higher levels of being - with the home of our souls - with the original paradise. These subtle "senses of perception" will gradually return to you. In addition, implants reduce life expectancy, reduce brain performance, cause illnesses, cause aging, block DNA activation, etc. You will find that with overcoming these obstacles - removing implants your memory will return. You feel full of energy. Positive energy is pouring out of you... Many recognize a conscious "shift to 5D perception".

and other negatives that we cannot get rid of. They enslave us.

You will radiate more and more inner peace. By overcoming these obstacles, you will begin to get rid of illnesses, fears and other negative emotions that have previously held you in 3D - in death. You will clearly see how the universe cooperates with you, giving you everything you ask for, the universe will become your support in life. Our task is to connect the 3rd dimension with the 5th, and learn how to live in the Fifth dimension level with the physical 3D body, continually healing it so we can keep it as long as we want. This is how we create a "Paradise on Earth," and this is the current transformation.

First I will measure your energy vibrations and the condition of these "implants".

Everyone is unique and has different implants or different order of implants, but believe me that everything can be easily "cured/dissolved" because we know how. So get rid of the fear - you feed the negative entities - the representative and "colleagues" of the original snake, reducing your energy vibrations - thus limiting your ability to create by thought and continuing the conscious path to the fifth level of being.

Removing them can always happen at a certain height of energy vibration - high vibrations that we are still increasing are pushing them out of the body. Each individual implant then comes out when we "climb" to a certain amount of energy vibration. It is certainly good for your spiritual development not to be intimidated when the "poison" you are disposing of will cause something in your body or mind to be afraid of. This fear is deliberately provoked to stop you in your development ... do not be intimidated. It's not the action of dark forces, but the removal of "snake poison".

* Each implant carries various illnesses through all incarnations.
* Almost every implant carries a certain negative emotion and negative thought that we consider to be ours. However, no negative thought or emotion is ours. They are written in the implant we carry.
* A certain implant blocks our encoded DNA so that it cannot fully develop.
* Certain implants carry "partner and relationship patterns" that determine our relationships..
* Certain implants carry our "defensive formulas".
* Each implant carries "manipulation and control patterns" within which makes us control our surroundings.
* If we do not "cleanse" all our implants from our body, everything we clean will come back again.
* It is not our subconscious that carries certain patterns and foundations of our personality. They are "energy implants" that have been "artificially" put into human DNA, and through them we are controlled..
* We are hoarding past life situations in our subconsciousness, they are stacked on top of each other, but their primary cause is always the "energy implant".
* Individual types of energy implants can be "cleansed" only at a certain vibration level of the physical body. Without increasing energy vibrations, knowledge of individual energy implants would be a burden for people, a problem, a disease, etc.
* A thorough "clean up" of all implants will help us achieve "light body".

The direct proportion how we clean the implants, we activate and develop our DNA, accelerate thought-creation, resolve problems with forgetting, improve health, memory, sight, subtle senses, we are getting younger. We gain inner peace - and that helps us keep our energy vibrations, connect with other levels of being and much more.

As soon as all "snake bites and poison" are gradually removed from the body, the activation and full development of our DNA will accelerate. Its full activation and deployment - if we want to keep our physical body to advance to other levels - will allow us because our physical body becomes healthy and immortal.

We have amazing protectors in higher levels - when we can listen - we can do everything we can imagine.

Adam and Eve

Drawn by Bobby Miller "@BobbyMiller3"

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