Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Energy healing


For those initiated into Shambala energy it’s possible to connect with the Masters, other beings of the Shambala dimension and even higher levels, and of course with the powerful, healing, astonishing, multidimensional energy of Shambala that is given to us by higher levels of being. This energy treats all diseases in humans, animals, plants ... So the illnesses that our 3D world commonly calls "incurable" are completely curable for Shambala energy. For advanced disease, it is only possible to alleviate the suffering of the patient. Just follow the instructions and let your curative energy work.

It very well supports the healing and restoration of the planet Earth.

Person initiated into Shambala energies automatically acquires the "ability" of healing, or "the ability" to heal others. It does not matter whether the healing takes place personally or remotely. The effect is exactly the same. This energy is intelligent and you only need the name and date of birth to treat. It's good to at least make first personal contact to get to know each other, but it is not a prerequisite.

First, you have to find out if you are able to work with each client.Then you just need to set up time and day. He can lie relaxed or sit. The energy finds places in the body that need to be gradually healed. After each session Shambala gives you instructions on how long to wait before another treatment. The energy of one session heals the body and the psyche until the next session. The patient is always given the right amount of energy; it works for as long as one needs it. Short enough not to harm and long enough to heal the problem. The healed person can experience tingling, warmth; lightening of the body ... calm, peace ... Healing is completely safe.

Today, with the ongoing transformation or coming of age of the Aquarius - or in so much discussed years of transformation - it is one and the same thing - when mankind is part of Earth’s transition to higher vibrations of the fifth and sixth levels of being - this energy is opening and is accessible to more and more people.

The healing energy penetrates the center of our body, harmonizing only what needs harmonization at the moment. During healing, energy blocks, deep mental and emotional blocks are removed in the body. Everyone gets the quantity they are ready for. Energy is intelligent and finds what it needs to heal, as well as possible order if you have more health problems. By eliminating the problem at the energy level, healing occurs at the level of the physical body.

The belief in healing is very important, because doubts interrupt whatever we desire. That is why one does not reach its goals and desires as he should based on the idea of creating with one’s mind.

With this topic, I also recommend studying the role of the subconscious..


* It is very important to discover the psychological cause of the illness , before we go into curing the disease and follow the advice you will receive.

* At a high stage of illness, it is only possible to relieve the patient.


90% of health problems have a cause in the past lives - if you believe in them. Therefore, during the treatment of a "more serious problem" that you cannot get rid of for years, you need to look into the Akasha Chronicle - into "records of eternity", and find all the causes. After finding and understanding the root causes in the past lives - the health problem becomes completely curable.

That's why I recommend a combination of insight into Akasha records and regular healing by Shambala.

If you have a health problem that is called incurable, inherited, in many forms keeps coming back or medically undetectable - you're in the right place. That's what Akasha cures, or in combination with Shambala energy healing.


We have most of our problems to look for their solutions. So to seek and then find "the way home" - the journey to the home of one’s soul. As soon as one sets up for this journey, you will begin to prosper, under certain conditions, and will find new evidence and experiences of the "higher worlds." Once a person begins to find evidence, which is a personal experience, he usually does not stop searching, and thus the disease has fulfilled its purpose, hence it can be healed; or to serve further for new experiences ... But that is another chapter.

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