Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Recurrence of events


Forward into the past, back home.I'm watching how I'm experiencing the past at the present moment; how at the present moment the past "breaks" and "takes bites out of the future". Past is becoming the future ... in the present moment. Based on the brief knowledge of the ancient past from Akasha records, I anticipate the future and expect the anticipated events in the present moment. Through the symbols I come to see details of the past.

Earth is going back in time through long-forgotten events. None of us can beat Earth to the 5D. We simply can’t get there before she does. The earth is cleansing from these ancient events, and we are being purified as well. All we can do is go step by step with our planet, armored with patience, perceiving symbols to understand what we are going through. By understanding these events we are cleansing. Those who are behind us or are not on the road yet can catch up with us at any time, but they cannot get there before the planet does. We are purifying our selves together with Earth by understanding what time of the past and the future we are at the moment.

All the purification of our planet, our solar system, ourselves, is done from our past, in the present life, back to the past, to the "Beginning / Overthrow from Paradise" itself.At the same time, all the parallels of all lives are displayed and they ask for a cleanup as well. The symbolic dimension is supposedly dimension 6D. From the ongoing events and the symbolic hidden in them, I read information about the back story of the ancient tale of "The Fall" of Human Light Beings, into the 3D-dimension of death. Our planet is going back through these events-that is. It has returned to the point where humanity has been overthrown-and the passage of Earth through these events is very cleansing for us. It is cleansing for us if we understand these events. These are the current flu conditions. Earth is going back in time through long-forgotten events, and we also experience these long forgotten events, although backwards and in symbolism. We are currently going through events that took place over 250,000 to 300,000 years ago.

The earth returns to the point where humanity was "overthrown from paradise" –meaning it is returning to level 5D, through these events. We are at the turn, and we can already experience some short-term, sometimes longer "stays" in the Fifth dimension level of being. It's really awesome there. New understanding of events, unexpected reversals of events, their enthusiastic understanding ...

This event happened 250,000 to 300,000 years ago, just like “Adam and Eves cast out of Paradise" is dated. We are returning exactly the way we once were "driven out, attacked, and trapped in 3D." As we understand this journey in terms of symbolism in reality, we clean ourselves from these ancient events, and we are progressing, increasing energy vibrations, and we are approaching the Shamballa level, which is the gate to Fifth dimension.

Let me now try to explain the "event backlog": Imagine that you have successfully passed a final high school exam. At the same time you got to college and taking part in the lessons. It begins to open up the world of unexpected possibilities, you plan a happy future, and you have many plans and goals. Suddenly there will be some unexpected negative turnaround, an unexpected accident, your brain will be damaged, and you will forget everything you have learned. You forget about your past, your origin ...

Somewhere deep in the subconscious, however, these memories remain and you will perceive them, feel them. So you are drawn subconsiously to the same things that you knew before the accident. You will again set your goal to graduate highschool and go to college. But the only way that leads to the goal is the way that you have previously "fallen" through. An unexpected accident and brain damage, oblivion. Fate will lead you back to studying at college. This time, however, you "fell into disrepair," and at every step it’s as if you were meeting yourself, all the events that affected you in the past time. You go back to the point where you've forgotten everything and you start to remember. Your inner leadership will be all the more powerful now. You will go back to the brain damage event, you will realize and understand this ancient, and the brain will begin to heal on the basis of understanding the problem of the brain damage ... etc ...

This is one thing to understand the backwardness of events.


Drawn by Bobby Miller "@BobbyMiller3"

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