Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

How to get to Fifth dimension?


What does it mean to develop consciousness, and to move into Fifth dimension?

The basic element of "transformation" is the increase in energy vibrations of the body. This is an important aspect that makes you raise a "bit higher" with every increase in your personal vibrations without even being noticed. As I describe in the "Shambala initiation" article, inseparably to increasing energy vibrations of the body, it is necessary to purify the human body and mind. So every new higher vibration brings us a "cleansing" of subconsciousness, earthly bodies and "mutated" DNA.

We have to process our "low" emotions, such as anger and fear, etc ... We must process and "erase" the low karmic ties that hold us with past lives or parallel realities and also with other people. We must learn to use our mind and use only positive thoughts, because everything that displays in our mind appears in reality. One could say, and from the point of view of a higher level of perception, I see that by learning about "past lives" and by their processing and "purification", we will connect every part of our "soul or consciousness" into unity - into one. Our problems that we are having are "calling our other self from other worlds/lifes for help" (past and parallel realities). By thoroughly understanding the root cause of the current problem - "erasing" the essence of the problem - the problem becomes easy to solve, and thus "frees” us in another reality, and disappears from our current life. Read more about this topic on "Fragmented Souls"

While you cleanse all of these "problems" you are also learning a lot of new things about existence about yourself and who you truly are, you are expending your awareness of many other truths and with that you are expending your mind and your consciousness. You will learn to perceive subtle energies on a continuous level. And this is another inseparable part of the development - the knowledge of wisdom and being it/living it.

The universe itself is making sure that we are gaining ever higher energy vibrations of our bodies. There are powerful purifying energies being projected on us so that we can cleanse and grow. Those who are not doing this cleansing consciously may be going thru it unconsciously purely just by the force of the energies and they may unknowingly experience this cleanse by sickness or they can’t take these energies/high vibrations and must go thru another death where they can continue their development in higher spheres. Here I speak of those who have a pure heart and live in accordance with love and good.

Those who cause evil to others will probably one day go to the posthumous dimension to continue incarnating on another 3D planet where they will have enough time for their evolution into goodness and love.

One day, when one increases his personal energy vibration to a certain frequency, he can telepathically connect with creatures from the higher worlds of 5D, from the homes of our souls. If you are sensitive, you can keep in touch with protectors from your home, who can help you whenever you ask for help. This frequency of "signal" is not so high, you don’t have to complete the entire purification of your past in order to connect with them and your higher I. Keep working on your subtle perceptions - you will certainly need it in the near future.

You will look further, and maybe your heart will lead you to the knowledge of energy implants, unblocking and full activation of DNA. Once the appropriate time comes, the energy implants will start pushing out of the body on the basis of increased body vibration(they have to be removed conciously) and you will start activating all 12 DNA strands. You have already read a lot about this. Do not rush with it; everything comes at the right time. Once the implants come out, the DNA becomes even more active, and you feel a strong current of energy that will fill you with great power. At that time you will be "transferred" to a higher level of Fifth dimension perception.

You will know this when you work consciously on the rise. Suddenly you will see everything from another perspective. It may take a few days for you to be able to exist in both 3D and 5D perceptions at a time. You will suddenly see how easily you've let yourself be fooled by being in 3D reality. You will look at these realities, or past lives, from a height, and see how life in 3D was hard, but it was just an illusion. You know the true meaning of these words because you cannot imagine them in Third dimension because you do not know life elsewhere than in 3D. Perhaps you will still clean up the unresolved "remnants" of karmas or subconscious patterns, but here man is getting energy vibrations very quickly. You will impatiently measure the height of your energy vibrations, you will measure activated DNA when it is activated and developed completely.

You will find that the power of the thought works very quickly. You think something, and it will come to you almost immediately ... You will also find that fear and other negative emotions have left you. You are satisfied and you are not missing anything. It is definitely good to know the laws of the subconscious, the laws of the universe, the laws of success, the law of karma and the dharma, and positive thinking because without their knowledge you may not be able to create with your mind as efficiently.

When you can do this - though you could have learned this long ago, you will find that you are just flying through with ease, and the universe is giving you everything you need without the slightest effort, just by the power of your mind. It is good to learn to read from the symbolism that are all around you, but for the time being you do not see them. The universe speaks to us through symbols. It is a good to learn how to perceive them, and to be able to read from them. Maybe you start to remember your mission ...

You will further increase your energy vibrations, and wait until you consciously, physically, energetically rise to vibration, where you will see the beings of your light family - who stand by you all the time only you could not see them. But by increasing energy vibrations you will live in the ever finer spheres of being. You totally purify all your earthly bodies - physical, astral (emotions and thoughts), karmic and energetic.

You will also find that you have "exceeded" death =>
=> astral sphere 4D = postmortem sphere = all levels of being in Fourth dimension. Even with your physical body; that it was just the "wrong" code in DNA, the wrong gene that held you in 3D and 4D = the level of birth and death, and it is canceled. You begin to perceive your present life, every little thing in it, until "moving" to 5D reality; and you will come to understand your present life, as your last in 3D.

Several of my clients in our session have experienced that I accidentally skipped from Third dimension perception to Fifth dimension. I find it difficult to understand the questions and the narrative of the client, and I give him - for him - incomprehensible answers as I perceive them in the higher perception of Fifth dimension. Plus, when I'm connected to Akasha, and I'm getting this "overflow", it really does not make sense :-).

Our consciousness is, thanks to a new perception and understanding, transferred much faster to a level of 5D than our physical body. Our task is to increase the energy vibrations of the physical body – so we can take it to Fifth dimension as well. We must "cleanse" the karmic body; at the same time astral and energetic body. As soon as all our bodies are "reconciled", our "move" to the new 5D reality can occur.

We become free, and our own creators. We are no longer controlled and limited by the realities of 3D lives. Approximately 250,000 earthly years we have been waiting for this time, as on the first occasion - in Atlantis - the dream journey back to freedom to Fifth dimension has largely failed. But now we have much more convenient conditions for this rise.

Imagine that the whole globe is now returning - in symbolism - back in time - and the Earth is doing exactly the same - retrospectively –and you are also going thorough all your past or parallel lives back to the beginning in symbolism.

Past or parallel lives that you know and that have already "gone through" in this time can be cleansed by karma and you can forever disconnect from them. Most of your life is repeated over and over again until you understand them. Understanding them will mostly melt them away. If you know the lives that are currently playing again and being cleansed in advance, you can just watch in sequence of events that happened long ago and have been part of a 3D level. These lifetimes - if you know them – you still have to go through them backwards, but by knowing them, you don’t have to experience their negative course of the events.

It's good to know how to read insymbolism of backward events and wait for your time when you will be carried back into 5D,
finaly after 300.000 earthly years; in the same way how you back then fell from 5D do 3D level.

The "purity" of the subconscious, the genes and all of our four earthly bodies is the most important for the shift into Fifth dimension, not necessarily the height of our vibrations.

It's exciting and interesting at the same time. I watch the events of several realities at a time. I have a little trouble communicating with people that are unaware of this although I understand. I just can’t tell them about my world because some would think I am crazy and many would not even hear what I am saying. It seems that they are fully focused on reality constraints and control that they cannot admit anything different or better. In such company I usually remain silent, and I am observing the souls whose time has not yet come or refused to accept such things, and I cannot help them. Many people often do not understand me when I want to express something from their real-world point of view.

. I have been influenced by being in subtle spheres, and this has become my inherent part. It is very challenging to return to the 3D level of being or level of consciousness.


What happens when moving from 3D to 5D

* 40% of people instantly create reality as they lived in 3D (re-create exactly what has just been destroyed in their new reality)
* 40% of people do not realize they have a choice and feel that the vacancy is too strong for them and immediately fall into sleep or some mental unconsciousness. They remain there until an external stimulus reaches out again from the outside
outside * 15% of people fall into confusion, which shows irritability, frustration and disorientation
* Only 5% of people will understand the new opportunity to stand in the front line to become the bearers of the light of the new creative cycle for themselves and for the whole of mankind ...

(from book: 2012 and galactic center)


"Messengers of Dawn" => Higher intelligence speaks to us:

Excerpt from book ...

The soul wakes up. She will know every aspect of herself. And every aspect of the essence of the soul will at the same time know its whole image.

Have you ever thought that there are parts of yourself that are in the dark and do not know how to find light other than through you? They also want light. They want solutions and answers.

What you may feel does not necessarily have to be the intention of dark powers, but their emotional make-up (fear of some of your parts): the fear that vibrates from the lack of information. Part of yourself, which is uninformed, comes to you to be informed. How do you inform? You are giving light, sharing light. You say, "I have the intention that my other personalities also take part and that they also get light.“

A common feature of Light Family members is their participation in many versions of intelligent or complex reality.

Many of the forms you have chosen to incarnate will seem very strange to you and may be frightening for you; and yet you have developed your soul.

You are not only in one type, you are a traveler. As members of the Light Family, you know the internal gain. You come as ambassadors so that realities can merge and become more informed so that everyone can get rid of fear. Part of your work is to become acquainted with other personalities, blend in with them and feel what it is like.

As you grow and enter into these higher realms of understanding, you break through something that looks like concrete blocks - the layers of yourself that you have suppressed. Think of the frequency that limited the ground experiment to the radio station.

Earth experiment has a radio station turned on for three hundred thousand years. Still the same melodies. Humanity in the experiment was unable to change settings and listen to programs in another band, so the same frequency was still being broadcast.

This created a sort of quarantine - a sealed planet. The creative cosmic rays sent by the First Creator and Original Planners penetrate through the frequency shield bombing the Earth.

But there must be someone who can accept/receive them.

Without the receiver these creative cosmic rays cause only chaos and confusion. As members of the Light Family, you come into the system to receive rays of knowledge. Then you will spread your knowledge, along with a new lifestyle and a new frequency, between the rest of the population to change the whole planet. As members of the Light Family, you are here to anchor the frequency to make it accessible to the whole planet. You live the process, and then you send it to the planet. The ultimate tyranny in a society is not martial law. It is control by psychological manipulation of consciousness, by means of which reality is defined in such a way that those who are inside do not even realize they are in prison. They do not even realize there is anything else besides what they are.

We present what is beyond everything you have taught that it only exists. We are where you sometimes dare to go where we want you to live. Outside the place that society told you to live. You were denied the knowledge of frequency control. Frequency control limits the number of stations you can tune into. As members of the Light Family, you must anchor new frequencies through static chaos and bring them into the physical world. As you learn about your personal history and discover the stereotypes of ineffective behavior that you have to break and change. The planet pulsates with its own stereotypes of behavior. You as a planet have to repeat history in a very dramatic way.

You have come to change the frequency constraints and bring the frequency of the information. When you are informed, you are advancing the need to be afraid. If you feel you are uninformed and you have no control over the situation. Each one of you came here to awaken something - in your genes, in the DNA - and each of you responds to it. That's why you are constantly looking, in all directions of your life. As systems intruders and potential Freedom Rangers, you will surely go to areas where your specialization is most needed.

Many beings who have incarnated as members of the Light Family have come to the United States because it is the country where you can make the most progress. At the same time, it is also a country where denial is ubiquitous. You believe that you live in the land of the free, yet you live in the most systematically controlled experimental society on the planet. The form of tyranny that was introduced here is quite interesting because it is a tyranny without a wall.

As a country and a collective consciousness, the United States has not yet come to realize that something is wrong. Because everyone is so afraid to leave the system in the United States, they will have to be forced to do so. It's a corrupt, non-functioning system that does not care about life or Earth.

Consciousness must change. It is part of the Divine Plan, and this opportunity must not be missed.

Over the next few years, a sense of interconnectedness and community-based cooperation will begin to emerge in this country, so you will be able to stop separating as far as political ideology is concerned. This separation was planned. The vast majority of political manipulation, which is constantly happening, especially in the United States, is deliberately aimed at your separation. Do you see how the New Age separates? They say it's cool to prevent you from discovering what you have in common. Until then, people will be angry. A new pride and a new sense of integrity are born, because that's how they are determined for that time.

Modern technology is one of the biggest weapons of frequency control. Various devices have been sold to you for your comfort and entertainment, and all concern frequency control. We strongly recommend that you get rid of your TVs. They are the primary tools for manipulating your consciousness on a daily basis.


Human beings must learn to read energy. You have to rely on other forms of perception to define your experience. One of the forms you have written off is a feeling. Feeling, your knowing, intuitive, psychic self was disturbed by controlling the frequency on this planet. So none of you could find them

As members of the Light Family, you have the intent to link dimensions. Your task is to bring other dimensions into this reality, to induce your nervous system to cope with different molecular fluctuations. You learn to sense feelings through the center and teach others how to do what you can do. You show the way. In the next few years, your understanding and vibration will be with the frequencies coming to you, like when you turn on your own radio ... You get direct telepathic contact with the mother ships that are sending you to you..

The time will come when you will not even mind sitting on the receiving media because you will have your own direct connection with the information ... The wealth of information that will come to you will be very reassuring - you will be sent to know what is happening. When you gain more confidence, you will be able to manifest before you a light entity that will physically show you and teach.

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