Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Increasing energy vibrations of the physical body


There are maximum energy vibrations currently flowing to us from the galactic center of our solar system. We have come together with Earth, the closest to the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. Our solar system is at the end of one of the Milky Way galaxy's arms. Our planet rotates not only around its axis, but at the same time as it travels around the Sun; our whole solar system rotates not only around the sun but also within the galaxy and with the whole galaxy ... The whole galaxy rotates in space ... It takes several hundred thousand years before our Earth returns (within these parallel rotations) to a certain point where it was in the history.

I will not discuss the details here; you can find them in the "Mayan Calendar Cycles" books.

In the current period, therefore, after many thousands of years, we are the closest to the center of our galaxy = the galactic center. Here it is called "aviation line". There is strong energy vibration coming to Earth (and our entire solar system). These vibrations are very helpful in the spiritual development and spiritual ascension of our planet and all of humanity.

Because at this point - in connection with 21.12.2012, when the Earth has emerged from quarantine - meets all 9 development stages of the Mayan calendar cycle at one point. Earth ascends to higher energy vibration, and our entire solar system is on the rise. We as humanity now have the opportunity to ascend to higher and subtle levels of being with our planet Earth.

For our successful ascension, however, we must each consciously do something. The more of us there is the better, because we will bring our loved ones with us, and those of a good heart who do not know anything about the rise.

It is necessary to begin to receive higher and higher energy vibrations from the universe, by working on it, by clearing the past from within, by cleaning energetic implants that prevent our ascension. It is necessary to do some spiritual work on our own and to understand the history of our being from the very beginning before we as humanity were" overthrown from paradise ". The individual history of each of us is written in our DNA and our subconscious. By knowing and understanding our history we are gradually cleansing, and thus we receive higher and higher energy vibrations into our body.

Who does not work on its self, does not automatically increase their body’s vibrations.

Who devotes them self to work on their thorough "cleansing", acquiring knowledge, and widening their consciousness, increases the energy vibrations of their physical body. The higher the energy vibrations the human body has, the more it is unknowingly "radiating" as a transmitter at their loved ones around them, their clients, or their colleagues at work. By this "radiation," these people around us are also being cleansed, and they also unconsciously increase the energy vibrations of their bodies. And so it goes on, and on.

Those who have high energy vibrations are gradually "energetically" catching themselves, creating a high-vibrational energy network that will "ascend" other human beings that are also involved in ascension with our planet Earth into more subtle spheres of being.

It is important to know that by merely being radiated from the universe the energy vibrations of our body are not exaggerated, if we do not help it, or if another human being who consciously participates in ascension is not in our surroundings radiating us.

However, it must be kept in mind that everyone has a series of energy implants in the body that are obstructing the path to the Fifth dimension level of being. That is why we need to work on removing these implants; otherwise we would get stuck at a certain amount of energy vibration, at a "dead end". So far, we have no way of mass removal of these implants, so we would have to incarnate again and again until another appropriate time for spiritual ascension arrives.

That is why I am giving the energy implants cleansing the utmost importance for each individual's progress to higher levels of being.

The passage through the heavenly gate between 4D and 5D has recently been made available, and we can go to the Fifth dimension level depending on our "purity" - cleaning from the past and energy implants. It does not matter the amount of your own vibration, as the level of cleanness of your body, subconscious, and DNA ...

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