Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
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Fertile oasis in the Gobi desert


The meaning of this parable

Myths and legends speak that the level of Shambala lies below the Himalaya, "in the fertile oasis of the Gobi desert"; but in a different dimension than our level. That is, on completely different energy vibrations of being, and therefore we cannot see this place.

The level of being Shambala - the capital of the "heavenly" kingdom of Agharta, is on the high energy vibrations, in the "fine sphere of being". It is the highest "dimension" that a man can achieve from Earth. In section "Dimensional Portal" we explained the reason. Surrounding this "kingdom" is area full of various low astral beings. You could say it’s full of ghosts - who are guarding the way to the heart of the fertile Gobi oasis.

On the way to Shambala, or to the Fifth dimension level of being, you meet a lot of "mythical beings" including the Olgoy Chorchoy - mythical Mongolian worm.
This journey is more interesting than you think, and you can "go to Shambala or Fifth dimension" while sitting at home, and you definitely do not have to worry about anything.

Once you have embarked on a "cleansing" path of knowledge, you will come closer to this oasis by purifying, gaining new wisdom and increasing energy vibrations. It is an interesting, sometimes adventurous journey, full of new knowledge, sometimes very cleansing - like a cruel journey through a desert to that fertile oasis. It's a journey to the purity of our hearts. When you are totally aware of your whole story of being on Earth from "the beginning", you are going to purify your inner depths until you reach the vibrational (multidimensional) gate to Shambala or directly to the Fifth dimension.

You will become the fertile oasis in the desert. By being "cleansed" from all the deposits of karma; manipulative, negative emotional patterns; completely cleansed from all the burdens you have put on yourself in the spheres of 3D and 4D, from the entire eternity of being in duality, your surroundings will become the image of your pure heart.

You will only see the image of health, love, and goodness in yourself and your surroundings. Nothing negative will come closer to you because you will be "clean". You will only observe life in duality from a distance; you will not be part of it anymore. You will enter into real freedom, where you will be able to create with your thoughts, and you will create only goodness. You will become a "fertile oasis in the desert full of unconscious people", and with your energy vibrations you will automatically radiate your surroundings, which will also cleanse them, even though unconsciously, increasing the energy vibrations of their bodies.
If they ask you, you can help them on their journey to the fine spheres of being.

The fertile oasis will not only be in the Gobi desert, but it will be wherever you are - purified, wise, and freed.
Anywhere in the world.
This is how the "fertile oases" will grow on Earth with each person, by tens and hundreds,...

When we have as many as 144,000 people - this number is often cited in connection with the evolution of consciousness on 5D perception. When we have this number - we will "energetically" connect with each other, and create a strong energy network. We will then bring the Fifth dimension vibration gradually to all people of goodwill and to our entire planet.Then our whole planet will be a fertile oasis of love and goodness.

Gradually, each one of us will complete our missions that we have once set up for ourselves in the level of matter (3D).

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