Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

About me


For me it started in my teenage years when I was suddenly seeing people’s auras. If that wasn’t “freaky “enough I also started astral traveling (traveling outside of my body). Although at this time I didn’t know what it was. It just kept happening to me and I didn’t know what it is, what I am supposed to do with it or how to use/navigate while out of my body. So I usually just stayed in my room pressed to the ceiling watching my body sleep. The furthest I got was just around the house floating thru the walls watching my family. Yeah kind of creepy, but I just didn’t know better and it was quite scary at this time. I was never sharing this with anyone in fear of being different and being judged. So I turned to tarot cards and palm reading as it was something more acceptable for others .

As time went on I eventually lost contact with myself, but found it again in 2012 when I came across an amazing lady (that I will not name here for her privacy) who introduced me to reading from Akasha records and Shambala multidimensional healing. I have learned both and also started working with trapped souls in guiding them to the light. Couple years later she also introduced me to astral parasite and energy implant removal, and that’s when I truly started my journey towards freedom- to remembering who I truly am, and recognizing my mission/purpose. I have found my courage to share this with others as it is part of my mission. I am here to help others to free themselves, and to remember who they are and what their mission/purpose is in this life, for that is the ultimate freedom.

I also offer guidance of souls that are stuck in your body or in your spaces together with other entities, and there are many! If interested ask me about it.

We keep learning new things every day as we are at the forefront of this journey towards fifth dimension.

I am being trained and learn a lot from my guides, in conscious dreams, in the 6th dimension and in my astral travels, and I am doing my best to share this knowledge.

Let’s stay in our hearts and let them guide us.

V for victory


A picture of my planet.

Drawn by Bobby Miller "@BobbyMiller3"

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