Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Akasha in your life

On this page, I will share with you very briefly some of the causes of the problems that trouble people and there is no help anywhere, just psychiatric diagnosis and suppression with antidepressants ...


If you are drowning in solitude, in depression, in tears, in debt, in alcohol, in everything, you have probably drowned in one of your past lives, and you are drowned today, just in a little changed symbolism.

If you are in debt and do nothing but pay and pay, you have drowned in one of your past or parallel lives "by your own hand," and your payments are payments of karmic debt.

If you also have dandruff in your hair, it is obvious that you have drowned in the sea - that is, in salt water, and dandruff here symbolize sea salt. Salt also burns your eyes and it will be harder and harder for you to see. If one understands - most of the problem will disappear by their realization and understanding. If you have extra thick hair and can never easily comb them, it is possible that you also got your hair tangled in algae or mud. And you are stuck there - symbolically to this day.

If you cannot sleep at night, and you are wandering around in the dark, then some part of you have died in previous life and have not realized their death, and this part of your soul is still wandering through the astral before you realize it and find help for it. You perceive this unconsciously, its call for help, and it wakes you at night, because here the night symbolizes the astral.

If you are constantly repeating similar accidents and they are getting worst over time, then you were surely killed in a similar accident in another life, and your part that lives there in death is still repeating its death because she did not notice her death, and you perceive it, and you repeat this death all the time. You can stop this cycle by simply understanding it.

If you cannot eat, and food makes you nauseous, then it is possible that you were a slave in one of your past lives. They gave you little food, and your subconscious lives that life, so your subconscious can not handle a large portions. The whole story needs to be fully understood. Only then will you be able to eat in peace.

If you wake up in the morning dazed and confused, dizzy and can’t wake up, your body is stiff - then your death in another life might have happen while under anesthesia or something has paralyzed you, and you are in this state every morning when you wake up.

If someone has poisoned you in a past life, then you may also have cramps in the stomach or in the intestines. Once you realize it - the body "throws up" the poison from your stomach, and everything will be all right.

Do you have panic attacks, do you feel you have to run away or go out of the house? Then panic, breathing, rapid heartbeat, and even increased blood pressure. This means that in some other reality you are running away from someone who has caused you death, and part of you is still experiencing this stage of death all the time until you understand and liberate yourself.

If you cannot find a suitable partner for a long time then you may be blocked by the "energy implant".


Mostly I will get the cause of your problem from Akasha in a form of a story from one of your past lives, very detailed, on 1-2 pages. By finding and understanding the problem goes away from your life. The above examples are only brief symbols as the problems are transferred from life to life until they are completely processed.

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