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Mayan calendar


Year 2011 - 2012 - 2015 - 2032


The Mayan calendar does not count as the usual calendars with astronomical cycles but describes changes in the spiritual energies of time. A serious student of the Mayan calendar does not sit and wait for what will happen, but seeks to contribute to the ability to achieve essential spiritual progress. That is why we should concentrate on what the Mayan calendar says about the present moment and not about 2012 and other transformational years, our current spiritual enlightenment and the progress towards higher vibrations of love. It describes the evolutionary cycles of the universe.

The Mayan calendar almost exactly matches with scientist’s estimate of the beginning of the universe, historical periods, etc. The natural selection of Mr. Darwin focuses on physical development; the Mayan Calendar on the other hand focuses on the development of consciousness.

The Mayan calendar is therefore the structure of time in evolution of consciousness.

The current galactic underworld can be called the period of the Apocalypse, but also the Revelation. Nature has already struck; modern people feel crisis, etc. Earth and mankind are getting rid of old and restrictive models of being; this is extremely refreshing and opening up to the new higher energies of love. The earth is cleansed from everything negative that damages her; from low vibrations. People are being cleansed; they experience difficulties and problems as never before. Only the enlightened people know, perceive and act.

In 2011, a unified, full-minded consciousness has begun to return to Earth, and we will be increasingly associated with the Galaxy (the duality will be unified, the left and right hemispheres of the brain balanced, science will be in harmony with nature ...). We must learn to resonate with nature and be in direct contact with it, on the same vibration.

When we look at the night sky at the edge of our Galaxy, at the constellations of Orion and Pleiades (these are inhabited by higher vibration beings of love), we see it as if it were an empty space, a hole. It is called the "Galactic Center", its where these higher and higher vibrations are brought to Earth from. They are channeled here through the Sun. They cause our body’s to cleanse, and they transform our consciousness.

Human phobias of disasters inhibit and block the human mind, reduce intelligence. We should look forward to the end of the calendar.

The civilized space society once cast the planet Earth into”space quarantine", into isolation, due to the origin of duality on Earth, the origin of evil. The Earth has since been blocked from access to other populous planets. Either the Earth wakes up and begins to be peaceful or extinct. However, extinction does not occur because evolution is driven from above, and hence the rise to higher vibrations is long overdue and will eventually occur. Great world leaders know about this quarantine and use it to power while keeping mankind in ignorance. Now Earth is a major object of interest and observation for other space civilizations, and Earth is re-entering the space society between the years 2011 and 2012. We are not able to see these civilizations, as we resonate with low vibrations, they are high. .

Beings with high vibrations see low vibrations. However, beings at lower vibrations do not see higher vibrational beings. That is why we learn to cope with nature, learn to increase the energy vibrations of the physical body, adapt to the higher vibrations that are gradually being released to Earth ... But because "there is no time" we are given many options - such as the Shambala energy system, initiation is enhanced by the energy vibrations of the body, accelerating the processing of the negative in the subconscious, the cleansing of the bodies and upon request the Masters of Shambala. Also, working with Akasha will greatly speed our development.


The drawing shows that our entire planet is "closed" in the dark (in quarantine) before December 21, 2012, but even in this period it is already flourishing with the vibrations of good and love, which elevates it on the way forward.


They are further excited about higher and higher energy vibrations, as well as people who help them; and the ever-discussed date is connected with the successful transition of the Earth across the border from the darkness to the vibration of good and love (from quarantine). Even though Earth is still pursued by the darkness that still fights the Earth, it flourishes and continues to advance into the high vibration of love.


Modified video transcription (Kiesha Crowther - Little Grandmother):

We live in magical times. The most amazing time ever on planet Earth. The earth is reborn in the full glory of its heavenly self.

The change has already begun. And we will be able to achieve enlightenment in it. We have little time to change what we are.

There are thousands of books about 2012 and we learned many different things about them. But you know that the Mayan nation, the only nation that ever had a complete shift, spoke only a few months ago. And the Mayans say, "Do not be afraid; rejoice in your heart because it will be beautiful”. We will have the opportunity to advance in human evolution, become enlightened. And when you are enlightened, all things make sense. And you live out of your heart.

Do you know that we are now using 5-10% of our brains? Very soon we will be given full use.

Now we are afraid just because we do not understand these things. Once we are enlightened, all things will be cleared up. There is nothing to worry about.

Alejandro, the forefather of all the Mayan nations, said that the only walls we could see around us were the walls that kept us in jail, and we should be happy to get out of it.

What you devote your energy and your emotions to will become a reality. This is a gift to all people. Whatever it is, it will become a reality for you. And in the next few years many things will change. Your thoughts will change into reality much faster.

Maybe we're afraid because we do not know what's coming, and you live in fear. But if you dwell in your heart, you will be excited about what is coming. Then you will live in joy. I repeat there is nothing to worry about, to plan a positive future. Soon you will know that the whole world will turn into something more beautiful.

What would you be afraid of? The heaven is coming to Earth. And we can live in heaven. It's our choice. If you stay in your heart and be love, you will be enlightened and move your mother Earth into something higher. This is what the Maya people have said, who had experienced a similar change before.

In the difficult times of darkness, it is very important for us to remain in our hearts. Gather your families, just be in love and stay calm. Do not be overcome by fear. Everything is going to be fine. When the sun comes out, you will see the new Earth. And everything will make sense. You will become enlightened. You will move forward to the new humanity that loves.

Earth is exposed to high energy vibrations, which will continue to increase. And the real heaven / Shambala will come. And we will see it and we will live in that state as well.

The shift has already begun. And you know that energy has more than tripled in the last year.

Enormous amounts of energy come to the planet Earth. And they come in short intervals to give us time to “digest” these new energies. Some of us feel the side effects of the coming of these new energies. That's because our bodies try to process these energies.

When there is a big shift, a huge amount of energy will come to the planet Earth. And if we do not spend a little time accustoming to them, the human body will burn.

But it really has begun, mother Earth and human bodies now have more vibrant energy than before.

Too many people on Earth think, "This is just a story the natives have been telling for a long time." But we do not realize it's really happening now. The world is changing. Our bodies are changing. The structure of our DNA changes. It's real. We will experience this shift. We are the ones who are alive during the change. And it really is up to us to change the way we live.

If we do not change and we still live from our minds and our ego, we will be removed because we kill our mother Earth. Mother Earth will continue to live in universal love. But it is up to us whether we go with her or not. All she wants is to be in love. That is all. It's so easy. And your soul will always guide you in the right direction.


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