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Fragmented soul / compound reality


We live our lives, and we do not even realize that parts of our consciousness are "fragmented" in different spheres of the Universe, in other realities, in past and parallel lives.

Problems that you live and cannot solve, and are constantly repeating themselves in your live are actually problems of other parts of your consciousness in other worlds that you have no idea about. You have no idea of these other worlds, and you have no idea that parts of your consciousness are fragmented across the universe.

This has happened a long time ago when the dimensional gate/portal exploded, and our souls/consciousness were shattered into pieces and scattered all over the universe, pitched into other realities. It happened so instantly that we didn’t even realize this. These parts of you are living other lives, just as you live your life here in this reality.

Many of your parts live in the lowest vibrations of Third dimension, in different worlds. They have different problems, and you have these problems in your life, similarly or symbolically. These problems in your life, symbolize parts of consciousness/soul calling for your help in another world. And you help them; you help yourself when you open the primary cause of the problem you are feeling. You will mostly find that all of these separate parts of your consciousness have their bodies after their physical death, and they are lost in the astral, and they repeatedly unconsciously repeat their death there. Similarly, your problems continue to repeat themselves in this life. And once you understand this, you can combine these parts of your consciousness with yourself until you eventually become whole, and you can move to the higher levels of being. These parts of consciousness are all on different height of vibrations and you can only discover and retrieve them when you reach this certain vibration.

The higher the energy vibration your body will have, the greater the healing power and success you will have.


The more your consciousness is developed / expanded, the more you begin to understand the concept of "compound reality". Your consciousness will understand this concept more and more.
Parallel lives, compound reality - everything happens all at once.
There is no time in the form you perceive now. You will begin to understand how it is possible that everything is happening at once. You will also understand that there are parallel lives to your present life where the reality is the same as here, only the events are a bit different. If you know such a life in more detail, you will be surprised how all your parallel lives are alike, but the deviations vary. And these deviations also cause you other problems in this current life. And you will know how easy it is to eliminate these problems from your life by simply realizing them.

And then you will proceed on vibrations higher and higher, and you will find that you have met one or two twin souls (even more), on different vibrations of being, in the present. Some are not as spiritually advanced as you are, and you have to let them go their way, as they would pull you back on vibrations down, and keep you in 3D. But you will also encounter more mature souls than you are, and will be quite alike that it is unbelievable. And you can join them and be partners, but you do not have to be together, it depends on you how you decide.
But they will be your "mirrors"; it will amaze you, as you are the same. Physically and mentally. It's as if you're hitting yourself, sometimes comical situations. You can only join with them in the higher spheres, because some will be behind in their spiritual development, and they could harm you unconsciously in your spiritual development.

Where you are mutually uplifting each other, is where you want to settle and stay.

It's amazing and sad at the same time, because the soul that pulls you back you will sometimes have to let go, otherwise it could unknowingly hurt you. Akasha will, of course, give you information about this soul. You will learn everything you need to know for the moment.

However, your true second self has the same negative aspects as you have, and you can’t seem to manage and process these aspects or parts of you for the moment, and you are bothered by them, and so is your second half. Here you will constantly see these negative aspects on your partner and he/she will see them in you. This can cause conflicts between you until at least one of you will resolve them.

You will most likely find this second self on really high energy vibrations.

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