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About Shamballa


The correct understanding of Shambala

Shambala is the highest spiritual dimension available to man from Earth. It is the dimension of the true Ascended Masters, temples, perfection, love ... It is not in our reality, but in another -on higher level of energy vibrations. It has a different energy than we are used to. It is made of high energies of light. It also has many of its inhabitants. They are fully conscious beings, highly spiritual and energetic, have their purpose and mission. Just as we have come to Earth to solve each of our individual and common tasks, they also work on theirs, more spiritually challenging goals.

Shambala - this dimension, we find through our inner world. It is actually a place within us; a place that if we find - we will never lose - we will never give up if we know it - if we humble ourselves permanently to love, light and higher truths. If we understand that our inner self is a "mirror" or "reflection" and creates everything that is around us. Then we will actually experience that trips to our inner world are more exciting than complex travels and searches in the outside world. You cannot find Shambala in the outside world. Only through searching deep inside you, in the subconsciousness. These words are easier to understand when human consciousness moves to a higher level of perception, to higher energy vibrations of the body, closer to the 5th level of consciousness.

Through Shambala, we are also connected with the energy of the beings of light who help us with their love and light in spiritual development and ascension. These beings help us on our journey forward, leading us in the right way through our lives. They help us process our negative formulas into positive and they help us if we learn to communicate with them, or to sense their presence. It is also possible to travel astrally to the Etheric Shambala, but we will omit this topic and focus on how to get there with our physical bodies. Nevertheless, we will never find the etheric Shambala in the outer world until we transform ourselves into unconditional love. A faster way of increasing vibrations and processing negative blocks, behavioral patterns is a gradual initiation into individual degrees of Shambala.

The Shambala Beings are at such high spiritual level that there is no problem materializing themselves anywhere on Earth.

The dimension of Shambala is a space consciously created by spiritually mature beings who have understood all past lessons from past dimensions of being. It is a dimension into which beings consciously transfer when they find, understand and process their inner consciousness. In this dimension there is no time as we know it here on Earth. There is no time between having an idea and its realization. These creatures create what they want in the present moment, with just a thought.Thoughts become reality instantly. They can create a world according to their ideas, needs and wishes - of course, they have to be in the interest of the Universe. Just as we have been experiencing in the couple last years, the power of our thoughts is very fast. Thoughts are rapidly becoming reality.


2 a) Shambala is also the "path" of spiritual development. Either we can go about spiritual development by hard and long work on ourselves and process our negatives by ourselves ... This way of spiritual growth is very long and demanding. Or we can get help by getting initiated into levels of Shambala.


2 b) Initiation to the "basic" Shambala 1024 will greatly speed up the spiritual development, which is very helpful to us right now. It helps us to process negative patterns of behavior, to purify the body, to find unconditional love ... In addition, by initiating into the energy system; we are given the opportunity to heal with Shambala energy. And not only that. You will be able to communicate consciously with Shambala and beings of higher dimensions who will assist you at any time. Just ask for a solution to a problem. The higher level of initiation (or vibration) a person is, the easier his ideas become reality. In addition, we get guidance in the form of dreams and symbols from the Ascended Masters. Showing us what needs to be solved in our lives, to advance higher energetically, or take a step down into the depth of our inner being.


3) Shambala is the powerful energy flowing to us from higher dimensions or levels of being. The number 1024 denotes the number of DNA fibers these beings of Shambala have. The ascended Masters mediate this energy to us through "master symbols". Shambala's energy is and will be constantly up to date as the master symbols get stronger and change to our current needs.

The power of this energy is magically powerful and very beneficial to us. It can do anything. It's amazing and cannot be misused. Just want and let it lead you. Thanks to the initiation - (or work on oneself, which is tedious and difficult - I mean without initiation) one becomes a multidimensional being, who is consciously communicating telepathically with higher levels of being. But by mere initiation we will not get everything. Only constant work with energy and collaboration with the Masters brings its fruit. More precisely, initiating in Shambala is a "ticket" that will make it much easier for us, but it will not do everything for us without our intent and effort.

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