Ascension to Fifth Dimension,
Energy Implants, & Akasha

Space symbolism


Or how to read from the reality of events

EXPLOSIONS OF ANGER - if you experience them yourself, then you have died in an explosion in one of your lives.
If someone is around you, you have witnessed an explosion - you have seen it with your own eyes. If you are watching a concert in reality, in the dark, with the band on stage with the flashing lights this also represent an explosion, a big explosion, and you are its observer.

HURTFUL POISONOUS WORDS - from your mouth to other people, shows the possibility that you have a symbolic "snake poison" from past times;
When someone attacks you with poisonous words, then you were attacked by a poisonous snake in some of your other lives

YOUR CAR - if you are the driver then the car represents you. If a car has a motor problem, the symbol may indicate that you have a health problem with your heart
If you are having issues with the car cooling system- water, then you have a problem in the partner relationship, a problem with the feelings/emotions The car can also symbolize your merkaba.

CAMPERS, CAMPS, TENTS ... represent the population and the being "in the original paradise"

WHITE FAN ON - can mean a "light gate" to the light level.
BLACK FAN ON - dark gate, gate to dark astral level.
The same can be symbolized by grilling on the round grill - the gate to hell.

WINDOW - represents gateway to 5D; open window means that you currently have opened gate to 5D

HOSPITAL - symbolizes the residence of a dark alien race that has changed human DNA

PODIUM WITH FLASHING LIGHTS (rock concert) - shows the explosion of the 5D dimensional gate

TWO PODIUMS NEXT TO EACH OTHER - You are watching two realities at once

THREE PODIUMS (OR SCREENS) NEXT TO EACH OTHER - You are watching three realities at once

UTERUS, BIRTH - dimensional gate, passing through a dimensional gate

LIPS, MOUTH - dimensional gate

TEETH - building blocks of dimensional gate

CRACKED CORNERS OF YOUR MOUTH - you are chased into the corner of the dimensional gate

NECLACE, BRACELETS, RINGS - handcuffs, chains

NUMBER 2 - denotes snakes, reptile race. .

NUMBER 5 - indicates the 5D level

NUMBER 6 - Beware - there is a trap or betrayal in front of you

NUMBER 7 - Indicates the Energetic Light Gate

NUMBER 9 - indicates end of a cycle

This is not numerology.

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