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Initiation to Shambala 1024


What do you mean by "Shambala initiation"?

In the case of Shambala, under the word "initiation," imagine that the higher beings use the multidimensional energy => the energy flowing from higher levels of the universe, to prepare our energetic body and ethereal senses to be able to work with this energy, and also at the same time get us ready for progressive spiritual development through the use of multidimensional energy.

This means that with every degree of initiation -by the action of energy, it relaxes our energetic body and energy centers = chakras - for the free passage of energy through every cell of the body. With each degree of initiation, the energy paths in the body are more and more released so that more powerful flow of energy can flow through the body each time. The energy will gradually "break through" the energy blocks in your body so that the energetic body is maximally adapted to work with multidimensional energy - and thus to spiritual development.

This means that with every degree of initiation -by the action of energy, it relaxes our energetic body and energy centers = chakras - for the free passage of energy through every cell of the body. With each degree of initiation, the energy paths in the body are more and more released so that more powerful flow of energy can flow through the body each time. The energy will gradually "break through" the energy blocks in your body so that the energetic body is maximally adapted to work with multidimensional energy - and thus to spiritual development.

Next, with each degree of initiation, energetic "symbols” like symbols of Reiki, are passed into the body and aura, and they can start the healing process whenever you think of them. But the one difference from Reiki is Shambala energy has thousands and thousands of symbols. They become part of our body and can be "used" at any time for any purpose - for the sake of good and love.

Initiation to Shambala 1024 is divided into four stages. At each stage, we get certain amount of energy symbols into the aura in the order of hundreds. Those who are supposed to work with animals will receive more animal symbols for the treatment of animals.

We do not need to know these symbols because your energy work will always take place with the participation of the "Ascended Masters" and they will supervise a totally safe course of healing. You will learn to work with higher level cosmic beings, with beings of the Fifth dimension and higher levels of being.

According to your name and date of birth, you first need to find out if you can be initiated into Shambala and also with what minimum time intervals between stages of initiation. This is to know that your body can accept everything that has to be accepted and absorbed with every single degree of initiation, and that it is ready for the next step. There are many mistakes here, so choose your teacher/initiator carefully.

By working with energy, you can gradually learn to communicate telepathically with other higher-level creatures. Yes, it’s true and in the form of dialogue not just monologues :-). All you have to do is want it.


The Right Understanding of Shambala - Initiation

Initiation to Shambala is here to "speed up" our spiritual development by:

  • Increasing energy vibrations of the physical and energetic body
  • Healing and purifying the suppressed emotions of your current life
  • Healing and cleansing of illnesses that haven’t been completely healed in the energetic body; or problems that are being created in the body at the energy level.
  • Making space in the energy paths of the body for better energy flow throughout the body.
  • Eventual adaptation of the 6th and 7th chakras for future spiritual development - this is done by the "Masters of Shambala".
  • By consenting to the initiation, we consent to the "Shambala Masters" to help us with our spiritual development-all of what I am writing here.
  • With the deliberate increase of the energy vibrations in the energetic and physical body (earth bodies); there is a simultaneous development of spirituality:
  • Inner cleansing - Masters help us process our "low" emotions, such as anger and fear, etc.
  • Expanding consciousness-in this case it means that we are gaining more "truths" and "wisdom" that grows through spiritual development gradually - through experiences.

These three "truths" are compatible with each other because they happen at the same time.



Many people do not know that we are switching from 3D to 5D even with physical bodies by increasing the body's vibrations. Higher and higher energy vibrations begin to activate the rest of our DNA at a certain stage, which means that our body will be "transformed" to a crystalline level. One might say - a slightly lighter and slightly more transparent level => from the viewpoint of an uninitiated person who refuses to change. We can even completely "disappear" out of sight for a person that remains on low energy levels of 3D level of consciousness.

However, staying on low vibrations 3D is impossible in this "transformation" because we are ascending to a higher level with our whole planet - the vibration of our Earth are being raised from the galactic center, from the photon band,; and those who will not be able to adapt and subordinate to these higher and higher frequencies will remain in a circle of incarnations, somewhere on “another plane" of 3D level -in the matter.

We are now consciously emerging from this cycle of incarnations. If we complete the missions of our present incarnation. That is why we are all trying - not just for ourselves; the more there is of us and will be, the more new souls will "wake up" from the sleep of the 3D level of consciousness.

I recommend reading the book Celestine Prophecyall the parts. Watching the movie is not enough, it's very brief.

And for the sake of interest

  • Every human being in 3D reality has 2 DNA fibers active in every cell of the body.
  • In order to ascend to 5D consciousness, we need to activate
    12 DNA fibers
  • Ascended Masters who help us in development have
    1024 DNA fibers

I was hearing occasionally that Shambala was weird because it makes you sick. What to do with this?

This is again a misunderstanding of Shambala - initiation, or even healing itself.

If we are sick or not feeling well that means our suppressed emotions (e.g., anger, rage, regret, pity, fear, etc ...) are leaving our body -on psychological level. In terms of physical - first, for example, a health problem begins to heal in the energetic body, and then - healing begins in physical body.

Every degree of initiation brings higher/stronger vibrations. This means that the lower degrees of Shambala and their vibrations heal something that doesn’t require as strong energy vibrations. As you continue to new/stronger vibrations they will heal something else. Each vibration of a certain degree will then begin to heal the body gradually.

And it often happens that when we begin to treat some problem, the situation first gets worse for a couple of days before it gets better, but it is very individual.

So Shambala is not "weird," but it certainly heals ailments of our earthly bodies. It is better to begin with initiations slowly so you don’t start a strong "purification" - "strong healing" on all levels - physical, energetic, emotional...

The "strangeness" of Shambala multidimensional healing is that it gradually heals with ever stronger frequencies, and it will be reflected in a short-term worsening of the state of health. The more health problems or suppressed emotions we have - the more often we can expect these "cleansing periods". It is not healing all at once, but at "stages", with the gradual increase of energy vibrations.

It is possible that first-degree vibrations begin to heal a certain problem, second and third degrees will be fine, and after the fourth degree of initiation we may experience a worsening, because we may have something in our body that only the fourth degree can heal. And so on, to infinity...

Shambala thus "heals" the problems that only come from the present life, and somewhat "removes" the harsh problems that come from past lives or which we have inherited from some ancestral family line.

Here I recommend knowing or having a book about the psychological causes of illnesses - because for the permanent healing it is necessary to change the emotional approach to all things, and in healing it is good to know the causes of the individual health problems, so that we cannot get the problem again after the healing.

If the problem has its cause in the past life or is genetically passed on by your ancestors, the problem cannot be completely cured by Shambala but can be healed by looking into Akasha records. By uncovering and realizing the primary causes of illnesses - the root of the problem, you will clear it out of your subconsciousness and problem will be permanently healed. This is explained in detail on these pages, in the menu "Akasha".

So in short, Shambala can heal the "ailments" that were gained in the present life, and with positive thinking they will stay healed. For other problems I use a very effective method of understanding the root causes through looking into the Akasha "library".

By the word "problems" I mean - health, finance, relationships, etc...

At the same time dreams show you in advance what you need to work on in the near future - from past lives; or you release things from your past lives through your dreams that are not important for your development ... it is common.


1st degree

The initiate receives a number of symbols telepathically into his aura: basic, healing symbols = human and animal, masterful, transformational ... With this degree man acquires the ability - the opportunity -to heal with Shambala energy. Both people and animals. Both in person and remotely. The healer must first make sure that the person being treated can be treated with Shambala. Learn more about healing in the "Energy Healing" menu and in the energy handbook.

With each use of energy, part of it will remain in your body. So it will also positively affect you.

Initiating this stage will begin to remove the dense subconscious blocks, the "karmic bonds" are cut off - it is possible to feel that in different parts of the body through temporary pain - subconscious blocks and karmic bonds are hidden in the body, in the depths of the subconsciousness are hidden memories that are making our lives more difficult. The energy vibrations of the body will increase. At the same time, with higher body vibrations, you will begin to feel your thoughts are becoming reality faster (so beware of negative thinking).

With each degree of initiation, you will (and do not have to, even fall asleep) feel the waves of energy, tingling, warmth, you may see different shapes, colors, or a certain vision -it depends, we are all different.


2nd degree and more

Increases the vibration of the physical body, increases the amount of "symbols" in the aura and body. Also, just like first degree it helps to process negative subconscious patterns, but one must still work on it consciously. Shambala is only a helping tool.

My colleague tried to transfer her physical body into Shambala at this stage, but once it was successful, I kicked her back. She just did not have enough cleansed out of my subconsiousness and her body.

With each successive step the healing energy is stronger; hence we can feel that healing is shorter. So the energy flows through you into the healed person more strongly than in the previous stages.

Most people can be initiated into 1st and 2nd grade at the same time. However, it depends on the discretion and intuition of the initiate, as he himself decides.

If there are any negative entities trying to whispering to you to do something wrong, don’t let them. Do not worry about them as you are protected with the third degree of initiation. With third degree you are "devoted" to the side of Light, so you have all the necessary protection.


3rd degree

Again, it increases the energies of the initiate, increases the energy vibrations of the body and increases the number of basic symbols in the aura and body. At this stage, beware of thoughts and intentions, they take place very soon.

Healing others at this stage you may feel sometimes like a burst of energy passing through you. It depends on the person being treated in what condition he / she is. It also depends on how often you use energy.

Again, you need to work on your spiritual development at this stage if you are really serious. Communicating with the Shambala Masters, Higher Self, Angels, Archangels, or other beings will become very common for you.

Also, for example, in your dreams you will receive answers to what you are solving.

I would say that at this stage, one becomes more multidimensional and is connected with many spheres of the universe.


4th degree

Here you will receive the last "dose" of basic symbols and other masterpieces into your aura. By initiating this step, the Shambala 1024 becomes integral and you can work with it in a consistent way. You can pass Shambala to other people - you can initiate. Again, here it is necessary to verify whether the person in question can be initiated and with what minimum time intervals between stages. You can download other master symbols from Shambala, to infinity. You will get all the information in the manuals for each stage. Shambala 2002, 12D, 3110 etc. is not necessary, as you read somewhere else - you download the ideal number of master symbols that are right for you. That's why I do not offer this dedication myself, but I can initiate further on request. Learn more about this in the "Shambala, 1024, 2002, 12D, 3110""

Originally, Shambala 1024 was brought to Bohemia, and the other versions are just an increase in the master symbols of Shambala 1024. With separate download of master symbols, you will feel the same or similar experiences as if you were initiated by another person. Gradually you will get another more degrees of Shambala spontaneously and for free. They come in the same order as if you were being initiated into them by someone else.

Since we are different, we each have an individual personality, experiences of initiations are various, someone sleeps, and others perceive many phenomena. It really depends on every individual.


This energy also helps our ascension to higher dimensions. With the year 2012, our Earth moves into higher vibrations from 3D to 4D to 5D. In the 5D dimension, current medicine will not be as effective (only surgical treatments and they will become unnecessary as time passes.) As we enter higher vibrations, where disease is only on energy level.


I have been initiated in 2012 and have been using Shamballa multidimensional healing since. I've used it for my self, my loved ones, my space, pets, animals. It has served me so well, and it really is astonishing. However more recently I have started going strait to the "Source" of energy for any healing and for "charging" my self. So at this time I am not offering Shamballa multdimensional healing initiations as I feel like using your higher self to connect strait to the source gives you more freedom. I feel as the multi dimensional healing was a stepping stone for me and I am forever gratefull for it. I am keeping this information on my page for reference for other people that may feel that Shamballa multidimentional healing is the right thing for them. I would be happy to help you find an initiator or please let me know if you find one and I can help you determine if he or she is the right initiator for you. This is just a showcase of how fast has everything started changing and developing since 2012.

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